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What should I paint my room? ?

im re deccorating the walls of my room dirty opaque white. Anti im painting my room thinking Because a baby blue color of his small, so do not want to darken. but in the corners of my room I am painting a tree the night away from Alice in Wonderland w / the Cheshire cat in Alice and she was under his regime. Im a good painter, so I'm excited. Im goin trippy room. im puttin accounts at the door and a light black puttin on trees and neon striped cats puttin bands come in w / black light. and perhaps also in the eye. sweet eh? Im a big fan then Pink Floyd, so I'm going to write on another wall, out of the way if you want to grow old "IM / IT in black and pink paint according to the same position Floyd. so I'm getting the mushrooms Spencer velvet posters and maybe a Marley in a different part of my room and put a big black light in my im obsessed w celing / Black lights make me feel good. then ... NE other ideas or editing?

Sounds like a great room!

Choosing safe toys cat

If you have a cat as a pet, you would have seen that generally different play styles than their counterparts canines. Toys are very important for cats than in dogs. Cat Toys help fight against boredom and also gives them a way out instinctive behaviors to pursue prey. Play with your pet can be a bonding experience for you both.

However, when you decided to buy a toy for your pet, you must make sure that the toys you buy is safe for them. The type of toys that you buy depends on the size of your pet their activity level, and preferences. You should also consider the environment and your pets play or pass your time on the grill. Here are some tips you should consider when buying a toy for cats.

Remember that cats are more attractive to things that are dangerous for them. So the first thing you have to do is to cat-proof your home. You must remove the strings ribbons, son, rubber bands, plastic bands, plastic milk jug rings, clips, pins, needles, thread, and everything that can be ingested. These things are dangerous for your pet.

When you buy a toy, avoid those with ribbons, feathers, chains, eyes, or other small parts that can be chewed and ingested. Alternatively, you avoid those who do these things. You can buy stuffed animals that are marked as safe for children under three years and contain dangerous fillings like nutshells and polystyrene beads. It would be better if the toy is machine washable. Toys must be flexible and rigid toys are not as attractive to cats.

There are different types of toys for cats. They may be active, or complete ease catnip. types of assets can be round plastic shower, curtain rings, balls plastic, or you can put a ping-pong or golf in a plastic dry bath to keep your mind occupied. Paper bags are also good for jumping, hiding and interactive games.

A toy for comfort may include soft plush animals, which have several functions. The animal must be something small animals to be transported. On the other hand, should be the same size as the cat deal with everything. You can also consider buying a toy with legs and a tail, because it is more attractive to cats. Cardboard boxes are also equipment and toys for your cat.

You may also consider buying catnip filled plush toys. These are fun for the initiation, conduct and rubbing. It is also perfectly safe, because it is not addictive and can turn into cats, rubbing or eating. Catnip can also be crushed and sprinkled on the carpet. Or you can put in a towel lying on the ground so easy to clean than the catnip oil may remain on the carpet. However, I do not see the oil but your cat will be able to smell.

You can also get the most out of your toys by rotating toys Cat on a weekly or making available a few at a time. Keep different types of easy access. Alternatively, you can leave a toy that your loves cats available at any time. Make sure toys are for different uses, like a toy to bring a toy to wrestle with a shot, and a baby.

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Tom has had pets since he was a young child. He hopes to share many years of experience along with targeted research to help cat owners. This includes cat health as well. For more information, please visit his site today.
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