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How long should I wait to take my cat to the vet if she has soft stool?

She is 18 and about 17 pounds. She threw up once a few days ago. Now she has soft stool. Part of it will be semi hard and part is just plain mush. Otherwise she is perfectly healthy with clear big eyes, same personality, etc. I am now only feeding her a high fiber dry food that I was feeding her along with soft food.


In all the other questions I answer I always refer to my cat Charlie who passed away earlier this year. He was also an old cat like yours.

Stomach problems and disgestion are problems in older cats just like in older humans. The first thing you should do is starve the cat for 24 hours. Any vet should tell you do do this unless the cat is lethargic or not your case I think it would be prudent to do this.

Then, re-introduce food......start off with something extremely bland like boiled chicken. Feed this to her for the next 24 hours and watch her poop. If it's still the same take her to the vet. If it's not go on to the next stage....

Then start to re-introduce her normal food but make sure that you are using a food that is age appropriate for your cat. There are many different types of cat food but I would suggest slowly introducing a food for senior cats. This will have the appropriate minerals and vitamins a cat of her ae needs. To introduce this, give her first meal, a meal with her normal food that she is used to. Then in the next meal mix 1 part new food to 3 parts old food. Keep this up for the rest of the day. Then the following day half and half etc.

This should avoid any stomach upset or your cat going off its food.

Make sure there is always enough water out for the cat always, even if the cat is on a wet diet.

If none of this works then please take her to the vet as there could be an underlying issue

Cat Health Problems: Controlling Your Allergies

The companion of a cat is considered one of the most beloved pets in the world. For those who enjoy having a cat as a pet, the allergic reaction they sometimes get from them is almost unbearable. Even though you may have allergies, it's still possible to have a cat, you will need to take a few steps to make sure there is less chance of an allergic reaction.

These allergic symptoms can include itchy skin, red and dry eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. It may take you a while to realize that the allergies are coming from your cat. If your allergies didn't arise until after you've had your cat for awhile, it can be very difficult to give your beloved cat away.

Don't send kitty packing too quickly; there are several things you can do to make your allergy symptoms less severe.

The allergen is the dander that comes from the cat and compiles around your house in the bedding, curtains, and on the furniture. Because we spend at least 6 hours or more per night in our bed, it makes sense to stop letting your cat on your bed.

This will dramatically reduce pet dander while you are sleeping. Another good recommendation is to take a shower before bedtime so that you can remove as much of the pet dander that may be on your skin before prior to going to bed at night.

Another big factor is to reconsider whether you should let your cat into your bedroom at all. By keeping your bedroom pet free, it will provide a safe retreat when your allergy symptoms flare up.

Because of cat allergies, be certain to change your bedding weekly. Take extra time to vacuum your carpets daily, and wash your curtains at least once a month. These simple tasks will greatly help in removing the amount of dander found in your home. Be sure to get a HEPA filter with your vacuum cleaner for best results.

Another good practice is to wash your hands after handling any pet, including your cat. It's even more important to do this since you have allergies. The simple act of touching your cat, and then your face can leave you with an uncomfortable evening later on.

Consider using a micro fiber cloth to stroke your cat. This will eliminate more dander than a bath, and it's easier for you since your cat may not be too fond of baths. If you continue to have trouble controlling your symptoms, confine your cats to one area of the house and see if your symptoms lessen.

Last but not least, keeping yourself healthy is very important, but hanging on to your cat is also important.

By following the basic steps mentioned above, as well as speaking with your doctor about allergy shots and medications, the above recommendations should allow you to feel good and keep that beloved feline at the same time.

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