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Is there a natural remedy for eye irritation cats?

I wonder if theres a natural remedy for chronic eye problems. My cat's eyes are still irritated. Hes Persian if its normal for drainage, but hes rubbing make them angry. In addition to becoming a medical prescription, Remedys others natural resources can be done? We always use steroids by prescription, but because hes always rubbing his job properly.

Yes Please do not use drops eyes to human and natural resources to him only if approved by your veterinarian. They frequently change the formulas, and many can be harmful to the eyes of a cat. It has only two. You do not want blind. All he can secure no medical exam is a sterile wash, buffered eye to gently clean the drain is. By the way .... is not "normal" to have a drainage eyes Persian, but the breeder of selectivity, is common. (There is a difference.) May be necessary to nasolacrimal ducts have a red. This is a simple, but requires anesthesia. (Do not be afraid ... very safe.) Sometimes you can open to drain properly if it were blocked by the "impurities" is a medical term <---( very scientific.) 😉 Often, however, the problem is not a real impasse, but a functional block due to "crushed" face (another medical term, lol.) <--- imagine a twist on a garden hose where the water can not pass. If tears can not pass that overflow covers. This causes irritation of the skin under the eye, which can lead to an actual infection. A test fluorescein (no pain, and wake up in the exam room) can help determine whether * * tears are able to run properly in the ear, and remove to Keratitis ulcerative, often caused by herpes simplex (most often in these races, in my experience.) may also be problems eyelids / eyelashes that will not solve, no matter what you put in the eye, unless you correct the underlying problem of surgery. (Not as common in dogs, but entropion, etc. sometimes occur in cats, too.) recommend consulting a veterinarian, board certified ophthalmologist, and after his / her specific recommendations cat in particular. Good luck. 🙂 (I have a Persian angel named Francesca who have gone to vet school with me before she had to leave early to wait for me the Rainbow Bridge).


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