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ceramic supplies in Bangkok?

Hello I am a ceramic artist who has recently moved to Bangkok. I hope to stay here for about 3 years. I changed my study, including oven, the city, because all we need now is to find supplies of good pottery shop, where I can buy the clay (low or porcelain) and slip casting molds. Does anyone know of a store that carries art pottery lot of things? I did some research and found no nothing, I was surprised because there are many great Thai ceramics everywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Check out these sites. It's amazing what can do if you spend a few minutes seaching the web with Google. Http: / / www.amarinceramics.com/ http://www.yellowpages.co.th/newyp/list.php?scat=054300

Essential requirements for sources of roof

roofing materials includes a wide range of materials and components used for construction and maintenance of a roof. This means that the shingles, but not limited to molding, wood, pipes and vents, roof cements, stairs and all the tools at hand, even roofing nails.

From the foregoing, we believe that the roofing material. This is considered as appropriate and include shingles, tiles, ceramics, asbestos shingles, sheet metal and roofing tiles, roofing sheets, rubber and plates, and many other types of materials. The roof must be selected based on location, so that the roof to withstand the elements and local issues that affect a roof.

The frame or support structure roof is wood. usually consists of a framework a triangular grid of beams. The roof itself is then placed on the frame. The wood is used for other elements, including the cornice, which is part of the fabric that hangs on the wall, fascia, or bottom of the cornice, eave, which allows water drip onto the roof, soffit, or underside the eaves.

Pipes and chimneys above the roof. breathing assistance at home, and are also escape routes the smoke from a chimney or a hood, and warm air from the attic. The soles of pipes and vents are sealed with a boot, or bands metal as a sealant made of lead or plastic. These pipes and vents were sealed with rubber shields in order that the air and smoke can escape, but the water does not fall into the pipe or duct.

Now, hedging tools include scale to climb on the roof and other elements necessary for the installation and removal, and regular maintenance. This particularly those simple elements, like a broom and a bucket to hold the shingles waste hammer full Slater with a hammer and an ax and a shovel, a slate tile cutter cut away the tweezers to grab the tile and the hip of a rider to install the ridge, the part of the roof covering the seams.

roofing nails should be long enough to go through the roof and go further to about 3 / 8 inch below the bottom of the shingle. Anything that interferes with nail biting wood can cause the nail to the source of tiles and possibly the loss of shingles. This includes tiles with ridges, some of them under Materials tile, and nails are of course not long enough to cover the subject. A good roofer can drive a roof nail with a solid hit. An owner doing it themselves, it it can treat the nails with a success after only a few minutes.

roofing materials are not as simple as they appear first. But with a little planning, you have everything you need for a quality roof.

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