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Mardi Gras costume accessories and ideas for family

In the French Quarter of New Orleans Mardi Gras Brazilians carnival, but the overall effect is the same in the eyes - a riot of colors in mid-February as a flamboyant parade dressed revelers into the streets in an explosion of music and dance. Also known as Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras or the lover of cake in the United Kingdom and Ireland - Tuesday Gras is marked by spectacular level world, attracting thousands of spectators in the spirit of the occasion to wear either a dress masquerade and accessories to match or even removing clothes. Lets look at some ideas for carnival costumes for the whole family.

Baby - I honestly do not like what you put your small children to the extent they will look as it is adorable, but she has a choice of styles, very Princess, cute stuffed dinosaur fun dangerous spiders among others. Disney will always play an important role for children of all ages with a wide selection costumes and themes. fairy costumes for children are soooo popular with the likes of Sugar Plum Fairy and Fairy Tulip. What popular Pumpkin Patch Lil Vampire (cold), Lil Red Riding Hood, a number of Barbie dolls and many others? Like Mardi Gras, you can always opt for the traditional and Lil Harlequin costume, very cute. The most important thing about a costume is the TOT comfort and how long they will use. When it comes time to nap, they will be comfortable with the costume? Also taken into account.

LITTLE GIRLS - Have you noticed no matter how small they are, once you can start to think for themselves have an unshakable determination? If you do not like something, it! And same goes for fancy dress costumes, as always, can not guarantee the sweet and pretty. For those who do, are the themes of Disney Princesses galore. The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Jasmine, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Tinkerbell is loved just a few options. If your child likes to play superhero, he is still popular Spidergirl, Batgirl and Wonderwoman. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek and Pirates Caribbean are among the problems highlighted many costume films should not fail with kiddies. You may be lucky that she loves liver Fat Tuesday theme costume. A cute and very few black white online with Mardi Gras. But .... Affection for the child who has one side darker, you can not go wrong with a picture fabulous costumes witch a choice of beautiful glossy black Gothic. Both have looks awesome. Dark Gothic Fairy Bride well with Gothic Tinkerbell.

SMALL Kids - to choose and I think there are enough costumes to dress match your personality. Cloak and dagger pirates in the Hulk and Superman are among the actions, super heroes and movie themes. If you find it difficult to choose, let the little you know what you like. For children of all ages, Spiderman is excellent and very realistic. Use this fantastic costume and they really believe they can fly and spin webs. Captain America and Iron Man are ideal for the little macho man. The popular vampire costume with fangs and blood are high the list of good guys, "together with Grim Reaper Death Skull, screaming in horror, Zombie and Messenger of Death. Celebrities like Michael Jackson Elvis, etc. are for those who dream of becoming a pop star. Of course, do not forget the Mardi Gras clowns and buffoons issues with capes Mardi Gras masks and large.

ADULTS - For the ladies traditional Mardi Gras costume, you can full of sexy and cute coat and long coat and a mask. It depends on your mood, but there is something mysterious enough not to reveal your identity until midnight. Great if you want to hide. For men, is the same. Want to be the clown or blast? Or do you prefer watch exciting and mysterious, revealing that yourself at midnight? The costumes are varied, but the masquerade ball cape and mask air terrible.

Mardi Gras Mask - A must-have for your Mardi Gras. So many styles to choose either dramatically with gems, sequins, or half face. Would you hide your face until midnight or stay beautiful and mysterious? The Genie is a red mask of all those looking for complex color and brightness. It is a red eye mask with glitter woven tapestry gold, brilliant gold leaf decoration, attached braided gold chain with gold tassels hanging from the accounts and accompanying gold. Now you're really ready for the masquerade.

ACCESSORIES - Wigs, hair bows, crowns, slides jewelry, hair clips, hairspray and color Glowbys. In little vampires, men and women, not the blood of vampire bites, wounds, scars and teeth, with and without bloodshed, which will all add to the perfect finish.

Face Painting - Think optimize the look of your disguise, with some clever touches to face painting. Do you have children wearing a Hulk, Shrek, Spiderman or witch costume? So why not paint the face! It would not too difficult. Think like a witch, Shrek or Hulk, these models give you a head start immediately. Paint the entire face with the color Basic green chosen, remember to let each layer dry first then add your shades and shadows around the eyes and mouth. Face Painting clown is easy, too. To one side of the base layer full of white and red cheeks Write and nose, and do not forget some blue crosses on the eyes. Spiderman the same. A coat full red background, then with a fine brush, carefully paint your spider web or the other on the cheek or on the side of the face. Ladybugs and insects are also good. Use the correct size brush models and add points as necessary.
This simple costume face painting, but effective come to life most kids love having their faces painted.

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Mardi Gras Fancy Dress comes but once a year so don’t miss out. To view fancy dress for the whole family including Mardi Gras Costumes, accessories like wigs, masks, shoes, underwear, fake blood, wounds and fangs please visit here   Why not check out St Patricks Day Fancy Dress while your browsing.


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