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Sugar Ray Leonard Biography of a Champion

Sugar Ray Leonard has pointed out in the sports world as one of, if not more, the fighters striking, exciting and elegant sport of boxing has seen.

Born Ray Charles Leonard, May 17, 1956, in Wilmington, North Carolina, named after legend Ray Charles sings. Leonard adopted the alias of sugar at the beginning of his career with the approval of Sugar Ray Robinson, with the label agree that Leonard, as its name suggests, was as sweet as sugar inside the boxing ring.

Leonard was a good career Amateur, winning three gold gloves, two AAU championships, a gold medal at the Pan American Games in 1975 and led to a medal Olympic gold in 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada. Leonard finished his amateur career with a record of 145-5, with 75 call outs.

After winning the gold medal, "said Leonard sports commentator and journalist Howard Cosell left boxing for good, and had planned to attend the university. However, Leonard's father became ill, and his family in need of money Leonard decided to turn pro. formative Muhammad Alis head, Angelo Dundee, was hired to coach and Leonard Janke Morton and Dave Jacobs as co-trainers, with the lawyer Mike Trainer complete the team.

Leonard made his professional debut Feb. 5, 1977, against Luis Vega in the Baltimore Civic Center. In a battle was televised nationally, and in which Leonard won $ 40,000 for a round-Vega has lost 6 unanimous decision.

Under the direction of their trusted advisor, Leonard decided to remain independent for not signing a long term contract with a developer, to have flexibility to do business with whom he has chosen. As a result, Leonard has won popularity by reaching a wide audience demographic with struggles aired on NBC, CBS, HBO and ABC.

Leonard won his first 25 fights, and in the process defeated notable names: Floyd Mayweather, Price Daniel Aldo Gonzalez Ranzany Pete and Andy. After capturing the NABF welterweight title, Leonard received the opportunity to fight against the world champion, WBC welterweight, Wilfred Benitez. Despite the importance of the fight, Benitez preparation was poor, with his teachers are not happy with the volume of training Benitez. In a very close contest, Leonard stopped Benitez in the series 15 via a TKO in just 6 seconds to play in the fight.

After a first successful defense against children Dave Green, Leonard signed to fight against the strongman of Panama Roberto Duran-El Cholo. In what was to be back to back fights, Leonard lost the title DurĂ¡n face had been dragged into the fight against Cholo predominantly in the interior, preferably Duran, only get it back in the game after using a cocktail to fight against the cunning and skill. Duran was visibly pleased with the tactics Leonards in the second game, and stored by the DSS no call to end the fight.

Sugar Ray then defended the title against Larry Bonds after which he said the average weight WBA lightweight title against Ayub Kalula after weight gain. While Leonard was gone, soon to be his rival Thomas Hearns was tearing the welterweight division after claiming the WBA world title by knocking out Pipino Cuevas. A fight was set for the WBA and WBC titles welterweight between Leonard and Hearns, which will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA.

After weighing in 154 pounds (147 pound welterweight limit), and throwing less than 14 laps in his right hand as usual in one, Hearns seemed more skilled. Hearns controlled the early rounds with his jab achieve. But the towers of the Middle Leonard worked in lead and evil Hearns with left hooks. The fight was stopped in round 14, with Leonard becoming the champion weight welter of universally recognized.

After a defense of his welterweight title against Bruce Finch, Leonard was diagnosed with a detached the retina of the left eye and underwent surgery to repair the problem. In November 1982, after 6 months of deliberations, Leonard announced retirement.

Leonard made a comeback in 1984 a fight against Kevin Howard Philadelphias but put on the canvas for the first time in his career. Leonard won the match, but once again decided to retire.

In May 1986, Leonard has shaken the sports world once again when he announced that would fight middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler. The battle gained much interest, and was heralded as a great fight. Many finally Leonards layoff, injury, jump in the weight and the fact that Hagler was a middleweight of all time great, that Leonard was little likely to succeed. Hagler started the favorite fight.

In a battle that was Sugar Ray fight almost entirely outdoors and Builds are forced indoors when Leonard scored a controversial split decision. Leonards because of sniper tactics, coupled with Haglers fight a move to orthodox stance early struggle was a hard struggle for a clear winner. Leonard announced his retirement last month, once Moreover, one after the fight.

On November 7, 1988 Leonard turned and fought Donny Lalonde for both the WBC light heavy, and Titles newly created WBC super middleweight fight against what was going to win via technical knockout reverse Leonard 9.

In 1989, Leonard fought two former rivals: a rematch with Hearns and Duran completed a trilogy. In fight against Hearns, Leonard was overthrown twice, but the final decision was a draw for 12 laps. Cons Duran, Leonard won a unanimous decision on lap 12 quiet a fight in which Duran had a stroke of very low output.

Leonard remained outside the ring in 1990, but returned in February 1991 to challenge WBC super welterweight world champion Terry Norris. Past his best, Leonard lost lopsided unanimous decision. Once again the struggle of the post, Leonard announced retirement.

Leonard went through very difficult times during filming at retirement, after divorcing wife Juanita, and admit that cocaine and alcohol problems one who fought hard overcome. Leonard married Bernadette Robi, the daughter of the famous composer Paul Robi.

In 1997, at age 40, Leonard launched his final round cons Boxing former lightweight champion Hector Camacho world. In the ring, Sugar Ray was the shadow of what was and was arrested in 5 laps. That same year, Leonard was inducted into the Hall of Fame International Boxing.

For a period, Leonard led a development company and boxing is now facing the reality TV boxing series "The Contender".

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