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Where to find charms for tiny glass bottle pendants?

There are these cute little glass bottle charms that people put miniature charms in and i want to make them. does anyone know where i can find the charms for the inside?? the pre-made ones that i find are called tiny world in a bottle if that helps describe what i am talking about any lol!

First, "pendant" size bottles would be too big for most miniatures (what you're calling "charms"). You could use slightly larger bottles though, or just use teeeeny miniatures.

As for where to buy miniatures though, you can often find them around Christmas or other holiday times as mini-tree ornaments, or as other embellishments and jewelry, etc, or at hobby stores for model railroads/etc, or as kids "buttons," or in craft stores with the jewelry components or with the scrapbooking supplies.

You can make the miniatures yourself though, and you can make the settings/etc too.
In the case of this company, a lot of their miniatures are mini trees, flat figures (paper, plastic or cardboard, etc, probably die-cut in their case), dirt/grass/water made from stuff like clays/model railroad grass or dirt and bits of mini trees or tree-making stuff and also resin. Some of the flat figures, etc, might also be purchasable as special shapes of plastic "sequins," or they could be created from shrink plastic.

You *can* make miniatures and mini-dioramas like this from any material you want though (especially since they'll be protected by being surrounded by glass). Mini trees/bushes/etc can also be made by cutting off a small portion of some kind of artificial plants, flowers, etc, from craft stores:
Check out some of these pages at my site for more on making minatures and dioramas (with polymer clay, or you could use air-dry clays or other materials), plus some other answers of mine and more sites: (click on "Scenes & Dioramas," 3/4 of the way down list) (click on Basics, then check out some of the "items")
list of all the scales (for making or buying scale model items):
"N scale"

And you might be interested in one of the little bottles I turned into a mini scene with tree, cabin, and snow as a "snowglobe":
(THIS LINK plus one other moved to below)

Useful Facts about Italian Charms

Italian charms originated in Italy in the 1980s. They spread first to France and then to the United States where they have become increasingly desirable.  Their immense popularity comes from the fact that they are entirely customizable.

There are 3 distinct types of Italian charms - laser, enamel and photo:

Laser charms are silver with black or colored writing lasered on the surface of the charm. 
Enamel charms have a colored design soldered onto the base of the charm and covered with a protective covering.
Photo Charms have a picture or design affixed to the charm base then covered with an enamel protective covering.

There are many charm designs to choose from.  Adding a favorite photo, or personalizing with a name or special date like a birthday or anniversary makes these miniature works of art a one of a kind piece of jewelry. For a less personal bracelet you can choose charms that show your occupation, love of animals, hobbies, interests, passions and pretty much anything you can think of.  With the right retailer you can also design your own charm!!

A starter bracelet consists of 18-20 blank links. In order to create a personalized Italian charm bracelet, these blank links are replaced, one by one, with selected designs of Italian charms. Their modular design means that Italian charm bracelets are interchangeable. Individual pieces can be switched out for a
new look or to better suit the mood or changing interests of an individual.

Because Italian charm bracelets are so personal they make perfect gifts. You can design an entire bracelet for somebody special filled with all of their favorite things. You can also start someone with a new starter bracelet and add just a few charms so they can add more of their own choosing. or for someone who already collects Italian charms you can always give them one or more charms to add to their existing bracelet.

 Ideas for Italian Charm Bracelets:

Create a bracelet with your favorite theme:  (animals you love, places you have visited, your favorite colors, your favorite flowers, etc)

Your personal interests:  Mix and match charms to create a bracelet that reflects your particular likes, personality and interests.

Design Your Own Charms::   Maybe your club logo or group logo? Your bowling team? Your favorite saying or quote? A design you have been looking for a just can't find? Anything & Everything is possible!!

Photos:  Turn your bracelet into a scrapbook!! Have your digital and/or paper photos proudly displayed on your bracelet. These also make wonderful gifts.

How to Attached Italian Charms

1) Start out by squeezing the Italian Charm between the flat part of your thumb and the flat part of your index finger . Squeeze tightly.

2) Push your thumb forward, while still squeezing. You will notice as you push forward that part of the Italian Charm slides with your thumb and part of the Italian Charm stays with your index finger. This is opening the Italian Charm up. Now, since it is spring-loaded, don't let up on the pressure or it will snap back into place. If you look at the part under your thumb, you will notice you have pushed out a flat hook.

3) Holding another Italian Charm in your other hand, you can connect the "hook" to the "bar" on the back of the other Italian Charm. You don't have to open the other Italian Charm up, you can just hook right onto it.

If you push on the Italian Charm to open it and nothing happens, turn it around and push the other way - they only open one way.

With a little bit of practice you will find that it is easy to connect your Italian charms. If you are still having trouble you can purchase an Italian Charm Tools which are designed to aid you in opening and connecting your charms.

Italian Charm Sizes and Shapes :

There are many different sizes and shapes of Italian Charms.  The standard size is a 9mm which is the most popular.  There is also a 9mm Midlink which is slightly wider and longer than a 9mm standard and shows the picture to a better advantage.  A Superlink is the size of two 9mm standards put together and is really nice for photos with more than 3 subjects and great for medical alert charms.  The Mega is an 18mm size and is almost square.  With this size charm you can attach two standard 9mm bracelets together for a double bracelet.  The Uno Mega which is the same size as the Mega but can be used on a single bracelet.

How They Are Worn:

Italian charm bracelets are designed by each individual to suit tastes and reflect personality. A bracelet may be made up entirely of Italian charms or an alternating pattern of Italian charms and blank links.  Bracelets can also be made up of different sizes and shapes charms.  You can have 9mm standard, 9mm Midlink, superlinks and Uno Megas on the same bracelet.

How to get started:

You can begin with a starter bracelet which consists of the standard eighteen blank links. Add your charms to the starter as you collect, replacing blank links to create your own look.  You can also use 1 or more 18mm Mega charms to hook two 9mm bracelets together to create a double bracelet. 

About the Author

Catherine O'Banion is one of the owners and the creative designer of JenaLis Charms ( The company has been making originally designed custom Italian charms for over 5 years. Catherine has been in the Graphic Design industry for over 10 years.


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