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How I can get E Bay auction closed?

I have an offer on a cheater quilt plate on e-bay and no one came my offer EPM number decimal has been overlooked. I can offer $ 21.50 and showed that $ 2,150.00. All other bids will not be tendered by mistake. I do not want to pay the cost of e-bay for an offer for me.

Go to Help and search for the offer of redemption. You are allowed to withdraw an offer if you entered correctly. This should be done immediately after the error however. What was the final price of the item. I doubt if it was $ 2,150 ...

Introduction to Quilt

"The art of quilting integrated European and African cultures in America during the slavery period. Popular Africa and the tradition is regarded as inferior and superior to the European Community. Despite this difference, the quilt was the unity of these two traditions and cultures.

He values both European women and African-American and in a way no tradition of folk art before. Both rely deeply on the traditions of fairy tales and folklore. Linking women sewing and pass on traditions to new generations are the common characteristics of these two traditions.

Not only the Europeans and African Americans make blankets to provide warm blankets for their families but also to show their creativity and gain status, family history, and represent the different themes and beliefs. The women felt that it was the best way to spend time together and show their skills.

While quilting is an individual process of interpretation, is also a cultural process that results from the exchange and fusion of traditions African and European. The emergence of the American quilt was a product of this process. Quilting styles of the two traditions are highly symbolic. Both rely heavily on the traditions of storytelling and folklore. Linking women to sew and to pass on traditions to new generations are the characteristics common of these two traditions. "

I do not apologize for the price of these extracts, if you want, my e-Book - The essential guide to the quilt. The book is essentially learning the coverage, but first, I thought it was important to have a look at history Quilt - like many of you reading this, I had no idea of the importance that art has been our history, in fact, for a Much of the world.

I'll give more details on the history of the e-Book, which, as I said in my autobiography when I started quilting for several years, there was not much information on how to get started and I took a break from quilting to write e-Book - The Essential Guide to Quilting - to my readers in the right way, without losing the rhythm and roll I had, when I could leave at certain times.

The most important thing to start is to learn the key terms quilt, Here are some:

  1. Wall - Wall is a piece of fabric applied to other pieces of fabric, with tape or sewing. The seam can be done by hand or by machine. Eyelet, satin or points beacons are commonly used methods.

  2. Brush - Spray spray spray basting thread and PIN are common methods of brushing. This process involves the holding of the quilt batting (the middle layer between the quilts - usually cotton, wool or polyester) and support together to finally sew together.

  3. Barbara - the process of laying the fiber to stick through the top and bottom of the quilt through the holes created during the stitching, to produce an effect of favorites.

  4. Cheater's Panel / tissues - are pieces of fabric printed with motifs from the quilt. They are manufactured to resemble a quilt or wall rebuilt.

Here, I selected certain conditions are less obvious in quilting with a brief description to draw attention to the need to learn to draw of this fascinating art. There are many terms to learn - believe me when I say I do not seek to extinguish, only to help you on your way.
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About the Author

I have been Quilting for quite a few years now but in the early days I found it very difficult getting started due to lack of decent information.

With this in mind I recently completed my first e-Book - "The Essential Guide to Quilting" , I have to say I am very pleased with the result and am happy in the knowledge that I am helping my readers to gain a good grounding in the fascinating art of Quilting.


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