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Incontinence in my 16 months sterilized women.?

It is the house training, sometimes in dreams .. Usually naps. Recently increasingly frequent. It urinalysis and it's OK .... Veterinary phenylpropanolamine then talks - which, in the reading side effects and signs of blood still is lacking cause other problems .... only 16 months ...!!! So I'm looking - to reduce or eliminate reading food grains ... try corn silk, or possibly a natural estrogen or Chinese herbs etc etc. The communication with my doctor has been so disappointing that I'm thinking about changing veterans, after 9 years with him. ANY and experience all grateful. THANK YOU.

This happens more often then people are happy to admit sterilization. Do not get me wrong, I support 100% of castration, but I'm also of education and the truth too. I prefer dogs remained intact, but the owners are beginning to be well informed and responsible. Soapbox Oops side ... Have you been checked for diabetes? Decision, I would say that incontinence is a direct consequence of castration. Hormone would be * my * first personal choice. I do not know the side effects of synthetic estrogen, but it would be my first point of the investigation. A grain without power is good for any dog, and if estrogen does not work then I learned that phen is quite successful. If all these treatments do not work, you can invest in very nice underwear. This would be my last resort.

Son of silk and its production process

silk fiber is the fiber most beautiful nature is by human civilization. Well speak of the history of this special fiber, all credit goes to the Empress Chinese three millennia ago, when He thought of something good for his people. His act of doing good for the Chinese has blessed the world with a wonderful fiber. Thread and silk garments are strong demand throughout the year production a good clothing company. China is the largest producer and exporter of silk in the world. The silk produced in China is very popular with the name of â € ~ € ™ Silka China prefixes for all products.

Now Letâ € ™ s production process traditional analysis of plant silk fibers. The natural habitat of a Silkworm mulberry cultivated in large quantities to raise worms Silk id. The production of cultivated silk is called sericulture.

1. The eggs hatch: The butterfly lays eggs silk. When eggs hatched larvae feed on mulberry leaves. When silkworms approximately 35 days of age that are 10,000 times heavier than at birth. Now you're ready to spin a silk cocoon.

2. The production of silkworm: silk is produced in two glands in the silkworm € ™ s head and forced out in liquid form through openings called channels. The silk solidifies on contact with air. The silkworm turns around 1 mile of filament and is completely enclosed in a cocoon in about 2 or three days.

3. Worm Transition: The silkworm goes through stages and becomes a butterfly, However, the silkworm is usually killed by heat before reaching that stage. Silkworms die, because once they reach the stage the caterpillar, the larva secretes a liquid to dissolve the silk so you can leave the cocoon. This damages and silk cocoon and silk becomes a decline in quality. Some silkworms are allowed to live for purposes of reproduction.

4. Crude fiber is obtained: The silk is obtained from cocoons in good condition by brushing the cocoon to find the outside ends of the filament. The silk filaments are then wound onto a reel. Cocoon contains approximately 1,000 meters of silk tow. Silk at this stage is known as raw silk. A thread can now be formed by the combination of several strands of silk.

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