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I know I have an antique. The puppet Chinese bamboo and China?

Chineese is a puppet with a face carved into beautiful painted porcelain bamboo. How I can search? I spent hours searching the Internet to no avail.

Chinese ancient relics really sets are not really using bamboo as a means, usually using bronze china jade, gold and the like, is a bit over the years, the Chinese bamboo are commonly used by commoners as chopsticks, but if used as a means, would be questionable. It may not be Chinese have used dolls made of bamboo, they would prefer to use leaves silk and tin to make puppets, dragon dance usually Dragan. you could have a puppet of Thailand. will be careful with some of these puppets especially old ones, are very mysterious specifically for use during the day of their ancient rites, some of it is the death mask is usually used for slaughter.

Ancient Chinese Snuff Bottles â € "float really big stones!

When collecting antique Chinese snuff boxes, you can choose to collect glass, porcelain, bottles made of organic materials (such as amber or coral), or perhaps the bottles inside painted, but it is sure to be a time you will give up the collection, or at least add the bottles of hard stone.

Hardstone bottles can be found in a variety of materials such as jade, quartz, chalcedony, crystal hair, tourmaline and many more. There are shapes and colors wonderful to meet and even some stone bottles bearing the images, or pictures, composed of natural inclusions that are in the rock.

In studying the catalogs will from time to time, we find in the description of bottles of old stones, the commentary € ™ â € ~ Hollowed when the bottles and discuss with a distributor of this term also used. When this comment is lost care, like all good old stone bottles should be â € ~ € ™ and Hollowed and if not, suspect they're fake!

ancient Chinese snuff bottles were made to be used and have been well hole, enough to hold the snuff, this raises the question of why so sunk is € ™ â € ~ Hollowed well? Most of the old bottles are considered good and hollow if the bottle will hold a good quantity of snuff and does not feel too heavy. Remember, as a guide, they have often been used on the sleeve. But the best snuff most precious stone gap exceptionally well, which often appear to have been burned (like glass). They are called â € ~ Thina ™ € or â € ~ ™ € Floaters shell because even though they were carved in the rock are empty, thus allowing them to float on the water!

These stone bottles are examples of impressive competence, because everything has been looted by a very small hole in the neck of the bottle. Even areas that we call the shoulders of the bottle (These are the areas most difficult to dig) must be very light in the bottle to trap enough air to float.

There are some bottles Jade wonderful floating, but Jade is one of the most difficult to carve the stone is not only an extremely hard material, but also weaknesses which can fracture easily.

After showing a couple of bottles (one hole and not the other) workers in stone, equipped with All cutting tools and modern drilling, to see if they could change the small hollow cylinder, a hole one and it would cost. Do not take it task and the general opinion was that, even if they tried, the cost would be considerable, given the time required, but in addition, no take the risk, can ruin a bottle in the process!

The explanation of how these antique stone bottles were originally carved and well drained, establishing all the years of experience and slow work of love, where the sculptor has done everything by hand without a second thought the amount of time it took.

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