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How to mod album kite?

My new years resolution is to experiment more with my scrapbook. New Year's Day, I many new designs using new types of techniques and materials. Now I want to learn to use Mod Podge on some discs chipboard. But I am swimming in uncharted territory, HELP. Should I use a cloth? Should I use a sponge? Should I use a brush? I heard his temperamental if we do things because it leaves Streek ... Mod Podge When I do on both sides of the album? Am I or tape over my pictures and details on first? PLEASE HELP ME AAAAHHHHH Also, if I Mod Podge each side of the chipboard, wouldnt curl? How I can avoid this?

Precious Gem has a good response based on the easiest way to "cut", but I would add a number of things: You said: ... I heard his temperamental if we do things because it leaves Streek ... When I do I Mod Podge on both sides of the album? Am I or ribbon through my pictures and details of first? ... If each side Mod Podge chipboard, wouldnt curl? How I can prevent this from happening? streaks may be due to Using the wrong type of brush (sponge brushes are very good and cheap ... hard brushes can cause problems.) You can make one side of the album or two ... comes to you. In general, pictures / etc are set at the top of the queue as you will use to cut all ... To prevent air from underneath them and make sure he was completely flat. Some brands of cutting means can be better than others in implementing and cloudiness then caused by humidity (eg, the Royal Coat is considered slightly ModPodge better, but many people just use a permanent "white glue" as the glue thinned Elmer All 3 or 4 to 1 with water - the last adjustment time with a polyurethane can help with moisture problems as well.) Note that each layer must dry completely before the next layer of glue is added. Curling can be caused by one side of a flexible porous material becomes wet and dry while the other is not. It can be a good idea to paint a layer of diluted white glue (not too liquid-wet) on the surface of base (plywood / etc) or even better wear a cast or white acrylic paint and let dry before you begin to add elements of court. The white paint or plaster acrylic colors are all that is added which can be transparent COURT, but no matter if you use opaque things, such as photos on photo paper, etc. There are lots of decoupaging information and any advice that will help your success on the links on this research: HTH, Diane B.

Regarding the various options available in Scrapbooking Snow Globe

For a person who holds a book, see a book with a cover nicely decorated, whole pages of thoughts, emotions and all appointments accented with beautiful pictures and decorative ornaments such as ribbons and, after a long period is a delight. Scrapbooking is indeed a magical activity. What was his fate for millions everywhere. Scrapbooking idea is to preserve precious memories and give way to nostalgia. It is an interactive technique, and beautifully decorated with various devices.

Scrapbooking is an ancestral activity that got his popularity due after the art of printing have evolved. Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain are probably the most famous people who indulge in Scrapbooking. Previously, paper, stencils, markers, stamps, stencils, cutouts, etc. have been paramount in the activity. More recently, digital media such as scanners, printers, etc. were created a particular seat in the world of scrapbooking. The basal medium (paper, pens, etc.) combined with digital media are marvels in all the area of scrapbooking.

Decoration, if not most, is a very important aspect of scrapbooking. The purpose of scrapbooking is to create a visual impact. Emphasis is placed on the visual scrapbook for making exciting and interesting activities. Photos, music, magazines cutouts and decorations such as stickers, ribbons, stamps, brads, rub-ons, and chipboard elements all add color and beauty album. Engaging the writer in the whole process of scrapbooking.

Commercial production of scrapbooking decorative materials has led to the manufacture of several new products all the tools in the process of scrapbooking. Snowball is one such product that wins today rapidly in popularity. Scrapbooking snowball involves the incorporation of several images of snowballs, stickers, photos, quotes and other ornaments in their memory books. products represent the autumn snowball and snow in various forms. They use images like maple leaves, the snow, Christmas trees, snow, etc. to represent the birds in the fall.

Snowball Scrapbooking is an interesting material for decorating albums. A snowball is a ball round glass with photos and objects of all relegated to the snow and fall instead of inside. All components are packed in a snowball in a way that every table, sites and scenes you can see inside the snowball. Snowball Scrapbooking essentially involves the use of images, Snow ball, stickers, stamps and other decorations that can be pasted on a surface flat, since it is virtually impossible to place a balloon in a newspaper or on a sheet of paper.

However, many regard the concept of "snowball too seriously. Some of those who keep a laptop really love to keep snow globes as part of his memory books. Do not put the ball in the books, but consider it a part of their albums. Balloons decorated with quotes and personal feelings in the context of snow.

Snowball Scrapbooking is very popular today, with the permission of thousands of shops selling goods to snowball. Many sites outsource a variety of goods snowball. They appeal to a wider audience throughout. Party So now you can go with the different options available in Scrapbooking snowball.

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