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Where I can get fabric to make a cover of theater?

I want to take a step coverage sewing Christmas, and I in search of a piece of fabric that could be used for what is to comedy and tragedy masks that symbolize the theater. I do not find it anywhere, however. Does anyone know how or where could get something? Http: / / These are the masks that I am referring, of course.

This place sells links of comedy and tragedy tissues, maybe you can sell the cloth? Good luck!

Great Gift Ideas Christmas Sewing

If things are a bit tight at Christmas, why not extend the sewing machine and make your own Christmas gifts. It should not be a complex piece of clothing. The following suggestions are simple and easy to do. The biggest cost is the fabric to go around the debris and tissue prices.

Runner elegant and simple

When you think about it, the runner is just a simple rectangle long, and placemats are just kids. If you buy something nice or printed material Organza in festive colors, you can concoct a unique and beautiful in minutes.

A good size for a table runner is 60 " long by 13 inches wide (160 cm by 34 cm o). Good size for an individual is 17 ½ "x 12 ½" (45cm by 32cm o). So for 6 placemats and 1 path table, you'll need about 2 yards of fabric (2 meters).

For each item that you need two pieces of fabric, so doubling the fabric in half (against right place) and draw the parts on how you use tailor's chalk and a ruler (do not forget include seam allowance).

Cut, sew after leaving a small space on each piece (turn right path). Turn right and iron (Board unfinished sewing instead). Now, run a seam on the outer side close to the edge. Voila!

Ladies Wrap the end (or the day Wrap

summer nights are good, but can sometimes be a bit cold. Why not make this easy night shelter - a quick and easy gift idea for Christmas too! Or, if you have a friend with the Lupus, why not make a recovery during the day so they can be protected from the sun.

Great fabrics that include silk or throw a jacket at night, and the gauze fabric that blocks sunlight, but still allows air circulation for a hot day.

The film is 31 "wide by 63" long (80 cm by 160 cm o) ½. However, our preference would be along the edges of fabric as a border to bank, if you find a suitable material on a roll with a width slightly greater than themselves (36 instead of 31 ½ ") to proceed and buy it - a width of a little more will not hurt.

Before you buy fabric, you must decide what accent if you want to put on the ends of the package. You can leave the edges simply as a rule, you can attach some halos or other stripes, or you can make his own group (if you use a strip of fabric easily). If you buy decorative ribbon or band, have 63 "or 160 cm.

If you decide to make his own group, remember to factor in the amount of equipment you will need. A median strip of 2 ½ "long (7 cm), so that you for the purchase of 31 ½" wide by 68 "long (or 80cm by 174cm).

Then just point the edges of the seam. On the sides (if you have to sew) that would use a tight zigzag stitch (the first test on a small piece of tissue). Finally, if you just make hem, using the same point. If you connect the ribbon or tape, hem normal.

If you are bordering Wrap yourself, start unraveling the material at one end, and will continue until the strip measures 2 ½ " long (7 cm). Take the clusters of the strip 1 / 4 "W (1/2cm) and tie a knot so the knot is as close to the edge of the solid tissue as possible. Repeat every 1 / 4 "until you have all the edge nodes. Now repeat with other end of the envelope.

Therefore, start sewing - we hope these ideas inspire you!

About the Author

Diane Ellis has been sewing since she was very young and got her first sewing machine at 6 years old (albeit a miniature one!). She sews purely for friends and family, and enjoys making her own patterns, and using her skills to decorate her home. She is the co-author of the website where you'll find other great free patterns for Christmas Gift ideas. Also, for a limited time, you can sign up for a free 6 part sewing course called Easy Fun Sewing Projects.


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