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making a wide arc without wired ribbon?

My neighbor asked me to bow to your Christmas tree piled 18inch ... I can make bows hair, so I know how to do this ... I do not know what is the way the rigidity of the tape ... she gave me simple grosgrain red ribbon 2 inches inside and Wireless My fear is only going to fail ... I thought the same method I use to tape and Kork that spraying with starch and put it in the oven .... I do not know whether it will work ... provide a basis I cut a piece of cardboard small circle of red paint and then put Mod Podge sealer on it and so can put in the tree outside also .... suggestions to make this arc would be greatly appreciated!


Holiday Gift Ideas

Gifts decorated with style:

Creating projects, articles and photos by: Madeleine M Langlois

Difficulty: Easy.

Materials and tools:

Variety of pieces of paper, rice paper, colored paper normal


glue gun and sticks

double-sided tape and regular

assorted tapes, widths and styles

Variety of results: Jewelry custom belt buckles, quilling paper strips, feathers, sequins, Garland, son, beads, etc.

remains tissue, the pleasure of the skin diffuse wool taffeta, scrapbooking tools, snowflake punch, scissors, decorative trim, tags, rub the letters

See also each gift package description.

(Materials for this project are available at arts and craft shops.

My favorite part Christmas is the gift packaging. This is the perfect time to use up many relics of various projects and my creativity is unleashed, just for fun. From my room packing shared with the laundry room is a safe place to find some peace of mind throughout the holiday madness.

Minimalist with a touch of Ritz, great gift wrapping ideas start with interesting results. The secret to achieving the look of these French chocolate gift wrapping is all the decorations. Custom to have an impact, even simple gifts can look elegant with a little accent. Seize € ™ t be afraid to expand the color palette beyond the traditional ITA ™ € Everything is fine because, really, anything goes. Despite Using a variety of color combinations of turqoise, green and blue with accents of pastel colors through money angelic white and brown chocolate, the question is what brings everything together.

Fuzzy wool for a nice warm feeling: Super easy, but elegant. Once a gift is wrapped, place one or two ribbons around the box, then wrap a few lengths of wool trim widespread in the package. Variety of a cost-son fantasy to wear and elegant chocolates and gifts in the form of cookie.

Rows of ribbons: Create patterns based on boxes of satin, grosgrain and types of velvet ribbons of different colors and widths of fabric wrapped over a gift. Garnish with a touch of white garland. A piece of satin ribbon looks stunning wide when applied to the center of great gifts and paper bags. Attach the ribbon on the back of a package with hot glue. wide ribbons can also be decorated lengths of fuzzy wool.

Using recycled jewelry jewelry and belt buckles: recycling and end jewelry, earrings and charms. Paste those in a decorative ribbon to create a stylish heart. Painting loops in natural wood or silver or gold (or any other color) and attach a length of tape around a gift wrapped in a cloth. Top with a feather.

Dazzling sequins: Make your gifts sparkle and shine with sequins. sequins use the terrace as you would with tape. double rows colored sequins look spectacular gifts wrapped in plain silver. Besides hitting sequins Random beautify individual gift wrapped.

Snowman Quilling: Quilling, also known as paper filigree is the art of rolling strips of paper into shapes and different shapes to form designs. Quilling papers come in packages of assorted colors. idea accents, such as forms of man natural snow or monograms can be designed to decorate boxes wrapped with clarity. Attach to gifts designs with double sided tape. You can even apply for his roles in flat or a pattern marked fashion. dressings make great gift jacuzzi.

Cut it with flakes Snow paper: so easy to do and yet so charming. They make cuts in the magical gifts of various sizes. And cut with scissors-shaped snowflake folding single or a variety of recycled papers. Even kids can help you with this. garlands of paper can be very impressive.

snowflakes cut: paper punches with holiday designs are wonderful to use and integrate in the gift of the cup. With snowflake design punch Snow and a variety of roles, sailing for the money, punch out snowflake shapes and paste them into gifts, ribbons and cards in a row or randomly. Even negative used to make stamped decorative bands around gift boxes, and the cut edges with decorative scissors.

Monograms Notes: The letters, the initial gift to the rich accents and trim can be shaped with son or son of different colors of beads.

of tissue remains: Excellent for gifts greater adjustment and exhaust the fabrics you know you Wona € ™ t use in the next year. Enjoy leftover fur to make a snowman to decorate a gift box bigger.

Hang-tags embellished with rub on letters of transfer, clipart, photos, microspheres and the recipient of the gift ornaments also make great gifts.

Get packing and scrap happy!

Tips: For all the gifts wrapped fabric, be sure to iron out any wrinkles in the first place and Wrap gifts as you would with paper packaging. Use hot glue to secure the folds in place band.

Variations: Other gifts include packages tea cloths creative holidays, fabrics and wallpaper. Or you can choose to party Gift wraps using a variety of housewares and clothing.

Decorations Main Christmas tree that you are no longer using ingredients also make it fun gift.

Donâ € ™ t be shy to use colors like pink, lime green, hot orange, purple, turquoise and blue colors, € â € CERN Very hot this season.

Pretty Packages can be integrated into your table decorations to grace a fireplace, or outdoor use. Double and use as business card holders.

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Madeleine has over 25 years design experience. She studied fashion merchandising and design. The fist part of her career was spent in the fashion industry designing ladies and children's wear to fashion accessories. Maddy then went on to design giftware products, Christmas decorations, packaging concepts as well as illustrating for Canadian companies. She has even published a bilingual children's book that she both wrote and illustrated. Maddy's designer talents, from fashion to decor and her love for crafts has directed her to produce and write “how-to” step-by-step décor articles. For the last five years, Madeleine has been creating innovative home decorative décor items for her weekly syndicated “make-it-yourself” Miy at home articles. Maddy work has is presently featured in Magazines and newspapers.

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