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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Christmas Light products and information here meets your needs.

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My daughter 3 years old, only a light Christmas trees in the middle and said he swallowed?

What would you do? It seems well, but I am worried about it coming out, was the small Christmas tree light, but not all, I looked at her mouth and gave him bread, it sounds great. But I am very worried.

Call poison control, that can give more detailed information and tell you exactly what to do.

Safety Instructions for Christmas lights

Instructions Christmas Curtain Safety:

Using lights Christmas, provided that basic precautions should observe the following safety tips for holiday light;

The Christmas lights do are not toys! To avoid risk of fire, burns, wounds and shock, the holiday lights should not be played with or placed where children can reach them.

Do not use Christmas lights outdoors unless the lights are marked suitable for outdoor use. When the Christmas lights are used outdoors in outdoor applications, connect the lights Outdoor Christmas to a circuit ground fault interrupt outlet [GFCI] threefold.

Christmas lights or other similar heat sources not.

Do not secure the proper lights on vacation with staples or nails, because they can damage the finish protector.

Do not place cable on sharp objects.

Do not leave holiday lights on the power cable light or electricity.

Unplug the Christmas lights on retiring at night or if lights are left unattended. You can use a timer has approved three three-prong plug to turn lights on and off for not having to unplug the lights.

To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not install or support the Christmas lights in a way that can cut or damage the light sets.

Not not close the doors or windows with Christmas lights and extension cords as this may damage the protective insulation son.

When the lights are being used does not cover the Christmas holiday lights with cloth, paper or other material not part of the lamp assembly.

Use only the United States UL approved 110 / 120 volt lights.

While Christmas lights are equipped with push-button type bulbs, use the same output volt replacement light bulbs.

Always unplug Christmas lights before installing or replacing bulbs.

Do not overload the electrical wiring lights. Only connect the recommended amount of the fixed portion of light [usually sets three are not set in instructions] on one continues light string.

To avoid risk of fire, not to replace the socket plant. The factory connector contains a safety device (fuse) that should not be removed. Shedding light holiday together if plug is damaged.

Always read the full utilization of manufacturing and care instructions holiday light bulbs.

Safety Tips for lamps with fuses Overload

A fuse indicates an overloaded circuit and the need to reduce the amount of lamps connected to the circuit. A fuse can also be caused by a short circuit. Christmas light, installed with a short-circuit must be discarded. Always unplug lights before install or replace fuses light. To avoid risk of fire, replace blown fuses with the GPA as volt fuses.

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