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embroidery floss or reg. thread?

I am finished sewing both sides of a Christmas stocking (velvet applique on velveteen or velvet, I forget which word is for which fabric.) now I plan to put it together by hand. Should I sew with reg. thread or embroidery floss? Which would stand the test of time better? My grandmother made these almost 60 years ago, but she died before I started trying to imitate her handwork. I think she sewed them together on a machine but I have no machine. I am very disappointed in the quality of thread and cloth in general. I made two of these 20 years ago, and what is available now in materials is much poorer quality.

You are so right about the quality of supplies we can get!

I would sew it together with regular sewing thread. the stitching your grandmother and mine taught me will work for this just fine. Three stitches and one back stitch all the way around your stitching line. Then you could go back and do blanket type stitch around the seam to prevent fraying if you liked. that would overcast the seam edges.

The thread is better quality if you buy the more expensive threads. Don't get the 3 for a dollar type stuff.

Also if you tie knot in the end that comes first through the needle and clip the thread from near the spool it will not tangle and knot as easily. I also use beeswax on all sewing threads to prevent some of the tangling and knotting, no matter if I am just stitchinga seam or quilting.

Here is a site I get a lot of fabrics from and haven't gotten any seconds yet:

good luck on your sewing!

Gift Ideas for Quilters on Your List

If you have a quilter on your holiday gift giving list this year, consider yourself lucky. Christmas gifts for quilters are abundant and fit in any budget.

Give a gift card or certificate to the quilter's favorite craft, hobby, or fabric store. The gift recipeitn can use the gift for whatever quilting supplies he or she needs.

For those who believe giving a gift card is taking the easy way out, there are plenty of other Christmas gifts for quilters.

How about a nice pair of scissors? Good scissors are a tool that every quilter needs. When you shop for scissors as your Christmas gift for the quilter on your list, you will see just how many kinds of scissors there are on the market. Take time to read the packaging carefully. You wouldn't want to give your quilter a pair of embroidery thread snips instead of a sturdy pair of fabric cutting scissors!

Books and magazines about quilting styles and techniques make great Christmas gifts for quilters. It does not matter how many your quilting friend already has, books and magazines that show new techniques or trends are always a welcomed gift. Quilters often find inspiration for new color choices, quilting patterns and project ideas in books and magazines.

Give the gift of an Internet quilting club membership. Many online quilting clubs give their subscribers great quilting tips and offer one-on-one assistance for members who email them questions. Some websites even feature regular interviews with quilting pros or offer video streams which show demonstrations of various quilting techniques!

Make a quilt yourself. Even if you're not a quilter, making a quilt (or quilted wall hanging, throw, or even a potholder) will show your quilting friend that you recognize his or her love for quilting. Use your imagination and see what you can quilt. If you're not a quilter, give yourself plenty of time for your first quilting project.

Give the gift of a quilted look in accessories for the home or office. Even if you yourself are not a quilter, there are plenty of uniqe Christmas gifts for quilters you can create yourself. Decoupage a picture frame to look like a quilt. Or, cover a frame, desk calendar and inexpensive business card holder in coordinating fabrics. A fabric printed or woven with a quilt pattern would be an extra nice touch!

Give a quilter's gift basket. Search for a nice basket that will match your friend's d?r. Include several quilting products in it. Good choices are various strengths of quilting thread, a rotary cutter and cutting surface, scissors, scraps or fabric remnants, and quilting needles (if your friend quilts by hand; machine needles if your friend quilts by machine). Don't forget to add a copy of your favorite quilt pattern or a book full of patterns! If you're giving the gift of a quilting web club membership, it would be nice to "wrap" your gift in a small gift basket.

If your quilting friend likes to craft with vintage fabrics, take a trip to your area thrift store to pick up a few samples. Keep an open mind. When shopping in thrift stores, you'll rarely run across a bolt of fabric. Your vintage fabrics may be recycled old ties, old blouses, old socks or old t-shirts!

Any of these gifts would be appreciated and enjoyed by the quilter on your holiday gift giving list. Wrap them in fabric or tie a nice fabric bow on top of whichever gift you decide to give for a great finishing touch!

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