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Christmas? holy!?

So this year will be my first Christmas baby, and I want it to be really special and Santa shower with him ... lol but that is donated, which is six months and by then, will be 8 months, nearly 9 ... everyone says it's ridiculous, but I want to remember the morning of Christmas I did ..

Oh, go ahead and call you! There is no reason he should get a meager first Christmas, simply because it is a baby. Take lots of pictures! I love to see how your Christmas was a special first day. Do not listen to someone else .... It's your son! Not theirs!

The story of Santa Claus Revealed

The story of Santa Claus Revealed
Norman A. Rubin
(At Christmas, we imagine a jovial figure dressed in red, driving a sleigh full of toys and gifts from a herd of reindeer on the roof lines. Or it a figure really in the past and not as we expect it to be.)

From the ancient history of man almost all European cultures marked the winter solstice with a feast for the rebirth of the earth. At the time, whenever that performed the appropriate rituals and occupied the land will rise from the elimination of winter, its importance is obvious. Many are aware that what is behind the celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

The lack of significance is indicated by the fact that nothing has been done to Christianity until the middle part of the fourth century. In the seventh century when the Puritans because it prohibits
other festivals of this type, there were no protests.

The truth is our current holiday vacations are almost entirely an innovation of the nineteenth century in which three met. One, the English writer Charles Dickens Christmas stories, the most famous "Christmas Carol" was the element native. The second was Germanic, as consort to the throne of England in 1840, has created a Christmas tree for his children at Windsor Palace. The other element was the United States, even if it was to merge with a relic of pagan Britain.

America's contribution to the element of Father Christmas arrived by a circuitous route, which in the early years of the colonization of America has been called San Nicolas. The Dutch who settled what was called New Amsterdam, now New York, had imported a custom of their country of Holland. On the sixth of December is the feast of their patron saint. Nicolas of Myra. The day has traditionally been marked by a shown in red and white clothing episcopal visit all households with children. If young people had been good all year, have been rewarded with small gifts. If they have not been exposed to a mild form of punishment at the hands of the assistant who accompanied Klaubauf Saint-Nicolas.

In 1822, Clement Moore, professor of Greek and Hebrew at the State University of New York, enchanted by custom, wrote a poem online Fifty-six years, "The visit of Saint-Nicolas, with his now famous line:
"T'was the night before Christmas where the whole house
No creature stirred, not even a mouse ... "

The poem was intended only to your children, your public, the first time I read it, numbered one lady who ordered the anonymous publication in a local newspaper. The story was later taken by Thomas Nast, an illustrator of magazines from Bavaria. He was the person who was Saint-Nicolas, now reduced its name to Santa Claus or Klaus (Netherlands Sankt Nikolaus) in the right mood, ruddy face, with a beard that has become the personification of Christmas.

Few people across the United States, Father Christmas began to lose all contact with their Dutch and religious past. Secularization went even further when he crossed the Atlantic to the British Isles in the mid-nineteenth century. Here, the figure quickly merged with an old, old Father Christmas or Christmas, which had been on the mask is probably from pre-Christian era.

In the following the process continued with Father Christmas / Santa Claus acquisition characteristics that separated more and more of its initial descent. Except in the countries of Holland, where the tradition of Saint Nicolas is still celebrated. After one time, the saint is more generally associated with the sixth of December, but the Christmas holidays in the twentieth D├ęcembre fifth, and his house was moved north a frozen riding in a sleigh pulled by flying with a team of flying reindeer. Today Father Christmas is always the bearer of gifts, but most idiosyncratic houses on the road between the chimney and exit ', up with fire and smoke .. ".

"And a Merry Christmas all ..."

1) The reindeer is still important to the economy of the Lapps northern Europe, but another source of revenue. What is tourism, as is the highly visited place which is supposed to be the place where Santa Claus lives, and at Christmas time at the post office is not inundated with letters from children among gay.

2) At the time where outbreaks were common, the children write their requests to Santa Claus on scraps of paper thrown into the fire after the fire and ash allowed to drift in the chimney and float in the wind, it is hoped their requests would come before Christmas.

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