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why people like wells circle of metal?

I've always been a metal concert and there is always a time when the singer asks a pit circle but do not join because I know I'll get hurt.But some people like him and come to just ... etc.why someone to hell wants a circle pit if you just finished doing harm?

Moshing or slamming refers to the activity in which members of the public performances of music and slam each other aggressively. Moshing is accompanied frequently stage diving, surfing, balancing microphone broken instruments and headbanging. It is often associated with concerts by artists like Hanson, The Jonas Brothers, Dion, Johnny Mathis, Boy George, Hanna Montana, Ashlee Simpson and James Taylor. Moshing primarily takes place at shows, but can be done to recorded music, the early too.In 2000, mosh many variants exist, such as "theft" and the dance is practiced at concerts of many musical genres. Moshing is typically an area in the front of the stage which is called the mosh pit or simply hole. While moshing is seen as a form of positive feedback or reflection enjoyment of the public in the study, but also attracted some controversy over the danger. However, it is generally accepted that deal Moshers not interfere with each other and follow an unwritten etiquette moshing "or the reception pit, which promotes safety through behaviors such as helping members of the audience immediately fell at his feet to avoid to be trampled. Usually the circumstances leading to that act in concert are just a few people and leaving the establishment of a snowball effect in the crowd.


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