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How I can help my face clear?

Im only in 6th year n has the worst acne in the classroom. I hate when you use things have to clean their hands clean and clear. I tried to get the series 2 million dollars, but they had not done in the shops. Now when I get into the shower, I wash spirit face with soap (regular) and my towel.

The wave sucks really clean your face (particularly prone to acne, I know!). So if you ever see in stores, do not buy it. Anyway, I suggest you use to wash your face with soap because usually be too harsh for the skin on your face and makes to dry and worsen acne (if your face is narrow after washing, is the evidence). Well I like spectrometry Facial Cleanser for skin prone to blemnish. But only sold in Canada if you do not live in Canada, try the Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena Acne Washington feels fine and is medicated with 2% salicylic acid to help unblock pores so you get less grain. Make sure you do not overcleanse (maximum 2 times a day). And not stress enough acne I'm sure his friends care about you, not your skin. Hope this helps and good luck! 🙂

Clear your acne with my 12-step program

In 12 previous articles, I described the details of each step, you must take to eliminate acne and have a face clean and clear.

Here, I present this acne, stating that you can follow. There are many different 12-step programs that can be created with information provided by me on what my article. Here, I'll give you I want one, but can not be the one you love. You can tailor a program to things that are cheap or you can purchase many products to make things easier for you.

But if you're a good investigator, you can reduce your costs down. In addition, only 4.5 steps to I think you can see symptoms clear up acne. So begin.

Low cost program

* Step 1: Hold your face clean - use glycerin or Castile Soap

* Step 2: Use a cream of the cream Scotty facial acne or any other Natural facial acne

* Step 3: Relieve constipation the first day followed by a rapid liquid two days - the use of apple juice and prunes, one day, following days eat apples drink apple juice and fruit drinks

* Step 4: Make changes to your diet, eliminate some processed foods and add more fruits and raw vegetables. Start using flax seed and fish oil to control hormones and inflammation control

* Step 5: Drink plenty of distilled water with natural additives.

* Step 6: take lots of sun, air

* Step 7: You need to take vitamins - Vitamin A and vitamin B complex

* Step 8: The minerals you should take - Increase calcium and zinc.

* Step 9: Herbal mixtures to drink or use - the use of the compound Burdock Sarsaparilla

* Step 10: Special supplements to take - take the chlorophyll and lemon juice drink. Use flaxseed oil in salads.

* Step 11: The skin brushing every day

* Step 12: Think about what acne is to try to express in your emotional life. Provide early changes in your thought process and start doing different things.

These are the 12 powerful steps. Start reading my articles for more details. Then, start doing these steps one by one and you then you see a big improvement in your skin and how it feels. It is also prepare the ground for preventing acne and other skin disorders in the future.

About the Author

Rudy Silva is nutritionist that specializes in using natural remedies for better health. For more information and tips on colon cleansing with fruits and vegetables go to: or signup for his newsletter and get a free constipation relief report at:


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