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The Chinese art of Cloisonne ©

© Cloisonne is a unique combination of copper and porcelain working skills, traditional painting, sculpture and engraving skills. A native of Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), cloisonné © is a complex process that requires many years of training for an artisan to master.

© cloisonne has undergone major change during the Ming Dynasty around 1426-1456 when an enamel Blue has been discovered, which gives cloisonné © Her proud bearing, and is still used today. Ming Dynasty cloisonné is considered © as the most complex.

© Cloisonne pieces can be found in large objects such as vases and other utensils and large objects Decorative and small items like earrings, bracelets, chopsticks or jars.

The making of a masterpiece

During the visit to China, do not forget to visit a factory © partitioned. It is an experience not to forget. © cloisonne requires many Hours pain staking and Chinese artisans have mastered the entire process. It is amazing to see each of the artisans in deep concentration creating these beautiful pieces.

Step 1: Cloisonne Design ©

The first step in creating one of these parts © design Cloisonne is to create brilliant. Artists draw the design on a sheet of paper, which is in the hands of the next level of the process.

Step 2: Base Hammering
In this step, copper sheets have been negotiated for a piece of enamel, it is a large vase or a small bracelet. The seams are sealed with copper and solder the piece is placed in an oven for welding. It's a long way must be done to perfection to achieve the desired effect.

Step 3: copper wire bent

Without knowing it, most people, © cloisonne not built a single piece of enamel. It is constructed instead of hundreds and sometimes thousands of small copper son glued to the base copper. The workers form a small red copper wire to the design that the designer has loaded. These small intricate designs can be birds, flowers, or one of the hundreds of other designs. The cables are connected with tweezers and small. The son of copper are then pasted on the surface of the body copper. Then another worker puts silver solder between the son of copper and red copper body. The piece is placed in the oven, where the son of copper are welded on the base.

Step 4: Complete email

Once cooled, workers polish the piece and then complete the design wire with enamel materials according to the color design. The workers are sitting at a table with a small suction tube to suck the enamel color plates in the tube.

After completing the son of enamel, workers absorb any remaining moisture with cotton. The piece is placed in an oven for the first firing. During the cooking process reduces the enamel. So, when cooled, workers fill more materials and fire again. This process is repeated three times until the enamel completely fills the son copper.

Step 5: Polishing
The final step in this process is polishing. Workers use emery stone to polish the partitioned © until smooth. Even the color enamel material with the copper cable. If there are places where enamel does not quite correspond regularly with the son of copper, more enamel is added and the piece is fired again. The polishing process will return to start. Then a soft yellow stone is used to smooth imperfections larger. Charcoal is used last to grind the piece to a peak brightness.

The creation of magnificent cloisonne pieces © see today requires time, patience and ingenuity. Whatever type of room partitioned © you, it is sure to add beauty and elegance your home or office.

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