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bridesmaids dresses and dress moh?

Here is a picture of my bridesmaids dress in the exact color. @ N04/3339324941 / I want my ministry of health in the same dress and color, but want to change a bit the halter is removable and I thought: Ministry of Health to remove and replace a black satin ribbon under the bust with a small Diamont square buckle in the center of the tape. What do you think? This is a picture of my dress like me lol @ N04/3340190998 /

certainly that's a nice dress and bridesmaid dress is a good idea because they are supposed to be different

Holiday Ribbon

Holiday Decorating Ideas with tape.

One of the things I like most is the Christmas decorations. There so many products on the market these days that make holiday decorating easy and fun. One is the ribbon. There are thousands of colors, styles and width band in the largest number of different fabrics and even plastic. Band can be used for all the extras festive decoration of a house must reflect the spirit of Christmas.

These are just some ideas.

Roll up the individual in the money either on paper or cloth napkin and tied festive grosgrain band near a whimsical holiday scheme or a line more elegant shine, chiffon pure silk or organza ribbon.

Set an elegant moire taffeta or Bow in the center a table and let the streamers act as runners, extending from each side of the table. Place lengths of tape, cut various types of bands in a mirror and fix some of their glass ornaments, strings of heredity, including the addition of a battery votive candle or to add a more elegant. Invite family and friends to a gathering Holiday special printing your invitations on parchment paper, roll like a scroll and tie with a beautiful bow of ribbon.

Types of tape.

The ribbon is woven in various ways and similar products for different purposes and different uses.

Acetate satin ribbon is one that is a bright hard and matte on the other. You can use the link of gifts and favors to make bows to decorate your Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands.

band Gauze is a strip of pure elegance can attach ornaments to special Christmas gift. gauze bandage is also very elegant arcs can be used to decorate your home for the holidays.

O organza ribbon organza ribbon is a simple comes in a variety of widths and styles. You have edges or center of satin and comes with the wire edges. Organza ribbon makes elegant gifts and decorations for the house.

Jacquard ribbon has a design style unique and distinctive. Jacquard film is beautiful to use as a Christmas tree garland of ribbons and bows for Christmas tree topper, Christmas wreaths and crowns Christmas.

Moire film has a touch of the temper of a watermark pattern and comes with cable and wireless edges. moire ribbon bows made beautiful Christmas tree Toppers and Christmas wreaths and decorate your home for the holidays. It is also very elegant when used to decorate your holiday gifts.

Shadow tape is very simple coloring, but the film has good taste totally unique transitions from one sound to another. Its colorful design and appearance luxury that is ideal for all holiday decorating projects.

Polished band comes in various styles, including ice water resistant plastic, metallic and iridescent makes it perfect for all your decorating projects holiday home, including outdoor projects where durability is a necessity.

Satin ribbons came in several colors, widths and styles for everything from decorating a Christmas gift to decorate your home.

Satin ribbon is luxurious, soft, shiny brushed on both sides and very easy to make a knot. It is ideal for any room projects decoration.

Velvet ribbon adds a touch of elegance to any Christmas decoration project.

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