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Australian Shepherd Breed Essential Information

Australian Shepherd dog, also commonly known as Australian working dog is relatively less has been originally developed on ranches in the American West. It acquired the Australian side of his name when shepherds from Australia arrived in USA. During the Second World War the breed has gained in popularity, and the public grew to know them when they appeared at the rodeo programs Television and Disney movies.

Like all other breeds of dog is a work very energetic, easy to train, and dedicated to his task. There is so much work and the dog. They may work as rescue dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide dogs and service Therapy dogs and the family regularly. There is a preview version of this dog, well, not yet in the race.

The standard size of Australian Shepherd was registered by the AKC in 1990, and weight is not specified in the rule. Males weigh 45-60 kg and females weigh 35-45 pounds. Its color is usually black, red (also called liver), blue merle (black and gray marble marble) and red merle (red and silver or beige). It is a rare brand based on one called The Chinese Australian shepherd, high in the mountains of Tibet.

This brand has a different color, which can sometimes be darker lilac or Magneta, a very unusual shade. It is believed that this color is due to a poor diet they have in this region.
The common eye color for this breed are green, hazel, orange, brown or blue - and you can have two different colored eyes, and sometimes two colors in one eye. A nickname at the beginning of the race was the ghost dog eyes.

In general, this breed is energetic and needs regular exercise, although some of them enjoy a lazy life. They are intelligent, easyil thin and easy to train as well. They like to play around and are reliable children. It is a dog suitable for veterans of dog owners and newcomers. They enjoy activities like running, running after bullets, livestock, cycling and flying disc, and can sometimes be quite the desire and attention demanding owners.

Some health problems common in this breed are cataracts, epilepsy, glaucoma, heart problems, allergies, problems and skin cancer. It is important to ensure that both parents have OFA and CERF certificates. They have a lifespan of approximately 11-13 years, based on a 1998 survey.

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For more information on the Australian Shepherd or a full list of dog breeds take a look at this Dog Training website.


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