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Disney Land - a place where dreams come true?

I had a dream last night, I made out with Vanessa Feltz (google it if you do not know its ).... If Disneyland has dreams, so I think I'll give a ruling this year. Sharon - What luck.

Please do not even try to go to Disney! or even think ...... or Vannessa MYT give ua visit:)

A dream come true for buyers â € "Oxford Street

Want shopoholic wander in paradise? What better place to from the ever so famous Oxford Street, located in the city of Westminster. This section and half a mile from London is the dream of every customer in reality.

With over 300 stores to clothing to shoes and accessories of different types, which is sure to thrill anyone thrills. If window are a customer or purchaser of the series, there is certainly something here for everyone to enjoy and experience.

Like of the busiest streets and visited Europe, many shops and well known brands can be found on Oxford Street. From the likes of Nike, Disney Store Marks & Spencer and to make his mark Schuh stores here, you're bound to find almost everything you need from head to feet you want in this wide range of shops, if you're a child, adolescent or adult.

With so many people visiting the Oxford Street and for various reasons, there are a variety of restaurants, bars, food chains and hotels to make your buying experience even better than you can imagine. Being a highly dynamic market, many stores use their presence on Oxford Street to launch or to perform many different promotions and events to capture the multitude of access and these events are sure to make your visit even more memorable.

A long day visiting Oxford Street can be complemented by a comfortable stay at affordable Central target = "_blank"> London hotel, the target = "_blank"> Elysee Hotel, with its unparalleled rooms. It is an ideal for relaxation or business experience the best of London.

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