Compatible Vinyl

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Compatible Vinyl

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How do I begin mixing on my laptop?

I've been a DJ, mix and burn for a few months and have reached an impasse with the multitrackers vinyl. What I want is a program that allows me to record tracks (with guitar microphones, etc.), mix and crush the existing runways and could be used in the club, live. I'm not high tech IT, so I need to be very simple and probably would take a hand in the mixer / controller to go with it. I do not want spend a fortune (€ 150 - € 200), but I want something that will work and keep working! I looked at Ableton Live LE, and as the Novation Nocturn to start. Are they compatible? Are they going to do the job? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Tom

not easy studio-quality audio recording / editing software. You can get Sony Vegas for recording, editing and mixing software and PC get platinum Pioneer DJ mixing live. Both have a certain learning curve.

There is a long list of additional buildings that have been used in homes throughout history including houses car barns, tool sheds, potting sheds, separate kitchens, garages and latrines. Although the original use may be not always relevant, often simple structures can be adapted to serve a multitude of modern applications beyond traditional garden and storage of tools, including custom home offices, training rooms, media rooms, Cabanas pool and art studios.

If you do not blessed with a historical dependence on your garden, you may consider buying a ready-to-stem from a store home improvement. However, these T1-11 or face vinyl sheds are rarely compatible with the style of historic homes and may even be prohibited by design guidelines for local historic preservation. For traditional owners, a unit can be personalized better response to respond needs storage space and additional, perhaps even providing an economical alternative to building more houses.

When planning a unit to complete a historic house, there are several principles of basic design considerations:

  • Keep the visual unity subordinate to the main building. This means that the action must complement the main building, but not overshadow the size or detail.
  • Make sure the size of the unit to use both meet and look straight in his court.
  • The agency must imitate the general form of the main building. This is most easily done using a compatible roof form, slope and excess soffit.
  • Consider the size and placement doors and windows to ensure you have room to move in and out equipment, light and ventilation and leave space for the storage shelves or wall otherwise. They also consider how the doors and windows are visible on the heights of the building.
  • Doubling of building finishes and details as the main type of coatings, roofing, soffits and details windows and the type of door and seat. However, duplication of information, develop and columns of the main building, in general, should be avoided due to less public, more utilitarian nature of dependencies.
  • Keep the colors of the main building and the creation accessories compatible. Paint system or the same table or a range of complementary colors.
  • Map of the location dependence care. Make sure the building would not obstruct views desirable (or block unwanted), it is in a flood-prone part of the court, is easily accessible for the intended use complies with local zoning setbacks and not interfere with trees and gardens.

A carefully designed and addiction can be a focal point in the court, an attractive place for gardening, and provide an idyllic escape right in your own backyard. For more information about planning a unit, with design ideas will Â

Ms. Peck is a Historic Preservation Consultant with over 12 years experience working with historic Florida homes. She is President of Preservation Resource, Inc., which has recently introduced a specialized product line for historic homes at


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