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Has the number of impatient, inconsiderate and just plain stupid drivers to increase in recent years?

Count how many times I'm waiting for a passage to allow pedestrian crossing when the pilot "just before the coup was completed by Walker get acrossed. leaves 4-what appears to the person can accelerate faster on the right. I could not but respect the right of way and error on the side of caution. Having two childeren I can not believe how dangerous that many of "the drivers of today. "

Yes, I think this way though ... but it could be because I moved to New Jersey a year ago and people here drive like crazy ..... my friend almost ran over a child because he was the pilot apparently did not wait for pedestrians to cross (which was going about 15 mph and struck the child with its side mirror ).... But I guess that their situation was different, because the Conference of the Parties to respond that he blames the other woman. They were at a traffic light with two lanes each way to go. There was a truck in the right lane stopped over in a red light. The light turns green, and my friend, Jake, do not stop because the light was green. The lady in the truck waved the child to pass, and because the truck was so big I did not see Jake at the time, so I ended up hitting the child with a mirror on the passenger side (closest to the truck) Fortunately the boy did not .... Wounded was right next to the work of his mother and apparently the first thing he said was "I can go to the practice of the fight? if it is a good thing ... but it shows that people can be little consideration for pedestrians and waves through when they have the "no walk" sign, not realizing that there is another way you can not see the pedestrian.

Cross stitch and healing properties of wild flowers

Wildflowers and herbs have been useful to mankind in many ways, since the beginning of our history that is not subject to art and needle. Lately, alternative medicine has taken over part of the seat before for medicinal purposes, due to everyone wanting to say something different-so in their medical decisions.

Wild plants provide over 25% of the basic ingredients of modern medicine. In addition, approximately 80% of all pharmaceutical products contain some form of wildflowers natural products from plants. These statistics show that highlight the impact of our natural flora of man is the well-being through world. But the sad reality is that, on average, a species of wildflower disappear in the United States each year because of advances in human: water pollution, deforestation, acid rain, and the open pit mining.

The phrase to the stop "Picking wild flowers" means many things other than simply not take the wildflowers, but implies the conclusion on the future of medicine processing with traditional medicines instead of choosing quite wildflowers along the road to see them die within a few days.

Point Cross can easily transfer these beautiful wildflowers in the art for many years of personal observation, education and appreciate value and value. An excellent site, natural herbal alternatives online "in, has many picture ID These wild flowers, with their ends drugs for many diseases and alternative methods. Many other links, information, and the results are on this site on the wildflowers.

Another good site is American mountain meadows information retrieval. Check them out, and you will be impressed by the quality of photographs and illustrations, as well as the educational aspects of each plant.

Highlights I've found to search for wildflowers on the Internet regarding the wildflowers that are used for medicinal purposes are the Madagascar periwinkle, which makes "vincristine" used in children with leukemia, which increases their survival rate from 20% to 80%, the other is the Pacific yew, which is the drug "Taxol" is now working with many forms of research on cancer, including cancer of the ovary.

The use of wildflowers, is a form of beauty or medical alternative becomes very popular during this period the United States, but was used for centuries in other countries for medicine. So what cross stitch your favorite wildflowers are turning to art, history and medicine at the same time. What gift would be for you or for someone special!

It is well known that the flowers are plants that have not changed much over the years, so there is no change in the design of cross-stitch work, but are easy to identify and design at the time Internet today with many available for research.

It is convenient to choose the wild flowers that are native to your region for them, so if you wild flower design cross stitch for a gift, choose flowers that are native fauna of the place where the lives of beneficiaries. Here are some ideas: a quilt of cancer, with many wildflowers that are used for cancer research (for example, "apple May podophyllin form "), a quilt heart, with the wildflowers that are used to heat illness.

Personally, I would go for a visual effect, while the design of wildflowers in cross stitch. Choosing the son of the texture of silk flowers in cross stitch, and thread of cotton leaves and stems of Appeal to the eye unless the flowers are kind of coarse.

See the flowers contact if possible, or the smell of perfume that rises slowly its beauty, it will help the current design you really think. The wild sunflower has hints of golden yellow petals and orange rust and burn centers Siena and shades of green leaves and stems.

The background can be white, pale lavender, black or even if you use fluorescent colors. Depart the root and the base of the plant as part of its design, you can give it a "real" as opposed to a fake plastic look artificial. In addition, subtle words of his medicinal properties can be placed gently behind her for the completeness of the plant. Your design, your choice ... so enjoy!

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