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What is this between the foot and the foot of the zipper hidden zipper normal? ?

may be hidden zipper foot used for any crafts?

Hidden zipper foot is also known as Invisible Zipper foot, invisible zipper. It has two channels under the foot to accommodate to the coils of closing and keep them in place while sewing. and is always inserted before sewing the seam of the garment. His zipper foot is used to regulate the zippers and piping if you can not get the tube to the "a" for your computer. His brother called zipper invisible zipper hidden support .. The base closure is more versatile Flash the hidden zipper foot (which can be used for invisible zippers). Wow! How many times have I said slide!

Kameez Kameez Tips and Advice:

Salwar Kameez started as a way of dressing in Kashmir and Punjab, which has gained popularity throughout India and all Muslim countries in the world, especially among young women. With celebrities such as Goldie Hawn, Sally Field, Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez and Princess Diana adorning the Salwar Kameez events high level, this garment is the good taste present in the West. Shalwar are pajama pants kameeze too tight at the waist and ankles, worn under a long tunic called loose kameez.

:: Tips for Salwar Kameez::

* The kameez should be a little higher. It makes you look taller. If the height is about 5 feet 3 inches, then your kameez height should be about 47 48 inches.
* If you have the broad shoulders then avoid the use of puffed sleeves.
* If you have big arms and no can wear sleeves, then go about 5 inches long sleeves. This will hide the fat on the arms and hands will look thinner.
* Salwar Kameez can be used in many styles. Styles change with the trends. Recently great merits were in fashion and now short kurtas are back popular.
* Kameeze Chudidar looks good on long or kurtas. Avoid using short kurtas. Chinese collar (closed neck) makes you look tall, but avoid if you have broad shoulders.
* Use a salwar kameez around the maritime area, as they pull in the stomach.
* If the string have on hand which reduces the appearance of the belly.
* Tucks might be fashionable, but they cut very well to the Kameez.
* Avoid Organza or any rough cloth if you want to look thinner.
* Dark colors like brown, red, blue or brown look very good on dark women.

Advice Basic fashion Kameez Kameez

* Use color to balance your body is an excellent idea. Use different colors of light in which small and dark colors where new and old. For example, if you have wide hips, wear skirts or pants and a light colored blouse. Use the sleeves with shoulder pads will help to balance wide hips. The blocks will be added to the shoulders therefore balancing with your hips.
* Do not choose clothes that are too tight. Clothes that fit well will make you look slimmer while tight clothes will only add pounds.
* Wear tops or dresses that have a neck and a half long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.
* The clothes of bright colors and simple lines will make you look taller.
* Always wear new shoes before use for a special occasion.
* Use Silhouettes law in a solid color to hide a thick waist.
* Skinner Band, the finest is on.
* Do not wear black on a hot day or a wedding.
* A straight cut skirt and pant leg to hide large thighs.
* To appear shorter, jackets or T-shirts has dropped below the hips.
* To lengthen your legs wear slim, straight leg pants.
* To look taller and thinner, try a suit with stripes.
* Long sleeves should start right at the wrist bone.
* When you wear a white shirt, wear a bra to close the color of their skin.
* To hide wide hips, try a dress code of a line.
* Give a new updated image of an old blouse or jacket sewing new buttons.
* Pleats add pounds. If you want to see more from the hips, wear pleats. If not, avoid pleats! • If the clothes do not match not change. If good, will remain in the closet.
* One of the biggest trends for spring is denim. You can find skirts, jeans short pants kurtas, jackets and shirts and uniforms.
* These are the basic steps you need to find your bra size. With a tape measure, measure around the torso armpits and under breasts. If the number is odd, we add to that. For example, if the measure is 35, the size of your bra 36. Then measure around your bust to its widest part. Subtract the bra size of this number.
* Pin a safety pin inside his pants in the case emergency. If a button comes off or breaks the closure, you're ready.
* Are you closing sticking points? Rub them with a pencil and slide it gently.
When you buy an item every day, try to think of at least three things you have, you can use with this item.
* Make the right choice accessories. Accessories can completely change the look of a costume.
Women with larger hips should choose jeans that are generously cut through the hips with a flared leg.
* When losing weight, do not expect to choose pieces clothing. Select pieces of camouflage problems.

My Fashion TIPS:

It gives a brief idea of what happens at each type of body shape

Broad shoulders turned general, short sleeves and light fabrics help to visually reduce broad shoulders

Big bust line Never wear V-necks and scoop necks as they emphasize the size of the chest. High collars combination works well with sleeves comprehensive works even better.

Basques small bust online empire, V-neck and bulky fabrics create the illusion of a fuller bust line.

Always wear heavy weapons sleeves are not fitted yet follow the body line. Avoid heavy, thick fabrics.

Heavy Hips It is important to not wear clothing of modules, which emphasize short of her hips. Instead wear moderately loose and in lengths of heavier fabrics for give a look longer and thinner

Other tips

Rule.No.1: Accentuate the positive!

When looking for clothing Search for sari blouses or tops that enhance their facial features and chest (but not in a bad quality). Choose flattering colors for your skin and accessories (jewelry and hair accessories) that attract the attention of an audience outside of the characteristics you're shy about.

Rule.No.2: Conceal the negatives!

Avoid clothes that draw attention to what you feel are your negative traits. For example, do not wear too tight - too much emphasis on their characteristics, such as tight jeans or lycra tops, pants and light colored skirts, especially if you favor high dark. A general rule to follow is the rule that your head should not be darker as wallpaper. Especially if you are ill equipped in the hip area.
Another good rule is, at least, must match the colors of the top and bottom. Otherwise, draw attention high waist area with the use of a dark color (not necessarily black) pants and skirts and colorful covers, with or without prints.

Rule 3: out of hiding!

Get rid of these clothes that make you feel more frumpy! Remove sari blouses restriction and pants and shirts to your wardrobe! These things tend to attract attention to their fitness and only serve to make you more conscious of itself. A more open collar, maybe a V-neck or crew neck. Tops that reveal a little shoulder, you can feel 10 times better.
It opens the area around your face, so that even without makeup, you can feel sexy. If you have something to hide your neck, try a scarf. Scarves tend to divert attention from the negative and let others focus on her beautiful smile. In fact, over the headscarf (in Barely larger than a handkerchief), the Foxie can see and feel. Try pure / Print scarves ... very soft and feminine.

Rule 4: If you makes you feel frumpy ... Do not use it!

If you feel embarrassed, you can feel at ease and much less sexy. First - Find a style that is comfortable. If you use Kameez Kameo (which is allowed is very comfortable), forget the tissues of writing, etc. on them. Find fabrics with solid colors or patterns on them free. The kameez should be long enough to cover the points "problem. When you choose a style, should not be restrictive or too tight. You always have room to breathe, but not too loose.

Rule No. 5: Take your time and bring a friend

When buying, take the time to try the clothes before leaving the store. Take a friend on who can be objective to help to find clothes to compliment your shape. If "sexy" or "fox" is what you are looking for, why not bring your spouse along? Put in a fashion house in the small box to change your partner more. Who said that the purchase should not be fun for your other half.

Understanding and partner love and support can help find clothes (party clothes, underwear) that are comfortable and they are sexy. Again ... honesty with yourself. If it makes you feel frumpy, do not buy! Do not waste your money on clothing precious and precious private space wear once and then never again. Take time.

Keep in mind, whatever your size, clothing should be functional and comfortable. His clothes if they are satisfied. Do not be afraid to experiment a little ... an impression here, a little bright out there ... cakes good on almost everyone. They give shape to a softer look, regardless of their size. You do not have to look frumpy! Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, but accentuate your positives and negatives to hide.

Irregularities in the mode Theh

It is considered beautiful, not only for its features, but the way she dresses, how to submit, for your confidence and your style. If you master all of these then you have a very lethal combination and you'll be able to rule the world for its beauty and charm. However often make mistakes in fashion, but according We do not care, but these errors affect infect your fashion sense and style enormously.

Using the wrong colors

This is one of the biggest mistakes of fashion can commit. Just remember one thing that all colors may not match your skin tone. Color very similar to your colleague or the actress on the soap was may not seem much on you. Infact it could be otherwise. Therefore you must learn to recognize the color adapts and the profession to which they are associated. Experiment with different colors and stick with palettes that look best on you regardless of what is happening and hot. Do not waste your money on clothes that make you pale and ugly.

Inept makeup

Make appropriate is an important aspect of fashion. For all occasions that require an appropriate makeup ie, light, heavier for evening, so pure sports wear different clothes for different activities in your life, even your makeup should change as an opportunity.

The footpath leads

You complete unless it is properly dressed, top to bottom. Therefore, even the shoes are be appropriate for the occasion and should go with your dress. Do not use miserable, and shoes not bolted. Poles regularly. Use a marker on scuffs, and put a piece of carpet under your feet when you drive. And most importantly, invest in a good pair if you use every day. Spend your money on shoes that are comfortable and look great on you.

Do not use a smaller size

If not, do not. Seeps in a size that is too tight for you to feed his vanity, but that will make you appear overfed to others. If the dress you wear is not at ease and you can not sit or walk properly, then you can not make you feel beautiful at all and certainly not get better. So why suffer such torture? Find clothes that fit or make "custom" and we better.

Visible bra lines

Make sure the bra that fits you well. It is very embarrassing if your bra to show or walks on the back. From even a bra that fits properly. If SAG your breasts then it is clear that you are not using proper bra and it is time to seek professional help.

Slips that show

Error who just leaves his heel fashion show from under her skirt. Do not use the same sheet for all dresses coz it might not suitable for everyone. Buy slips in several lengths and replace them once the elastic door. For the most discreet linings, buy slips in the colors you use most often, like black, navy, beige and white.

horrible smell

There are people who feel terrible, despite the use of cheap perfume. Drink plenty water and eating plenty of fresh fruit and green salads. Buy deodorant that works with your body. You may need to try several to find the best for you, and you may need to change from time to time if changes in the chemistry, and having a baby, starting new medication, through menopause, or similar.

broken nails, chipped polish

Manicure is a necessity. Keep fingernails clean and trimmed evenly. Keep the mower and a nail file in your portfolio and a desk at work for emergencies. If you are in an environment business, keep the colors of nail polish Conservative work and keep the clear / neon / funky looks for weekends and holidays. No nails grow too long if you work. If you're in a business environment, stick with conservative nail polish colors to work and keep the light / neon / funky look for weekends and holidays. No nails grow too long if you work.

Dressing Tips

Dressing returns from time, because it is confusing and surprising. It is sometimes difficult to decide what to wear for a special occasion and if we use what seems good to us or not. When we wear, we must learn the basic principle of dressing, and it is to maintain a sense of our own style apparent. Otherwise, we will compound or ugly, because we try to reproduce another way instead of learning to develop our own sense of style that best suits our body frame, clothing preferences and personality.

To find out what type of dress and the style You look great in the first place, you must know the shape your body to be able to choose how they dress properly. After listing the different body shapes, with their characteristics and best style suited for them. Thus, the assessment of your body shape and just follow the basic rules of dress and create a memory that should good balance from top to bottom.

A dress frame

A shaped body of A is one, which is narrower in the higher and wider than the hip and thigh. The legs are usually heavier and shorter and the weight gain is usually in the legs. Women with this type of form your body must body look proportionate by widening the shoulders. Can be achieved by choosing garments with shoulder pads or sleeve details.

V-Frame Dressing

A V-frame body is one, which is wider at the chest and shoulders appear wider than the hips. Busto is generally large with a short trunk and tall. The legs are thin and the abdomen is more visible than in the whole body. This framework must be balanced by the extension the hip and upper leg. Choose items with a width and fullness in the skirt or pants.

H-Frame Dressing

An organization of H-frame seems to be up and down. The legs are longer and thighs and belly are usually flat. The bust is the average weight gain is large most often in the middle. This framework must be balanced by creating the illusion of a smaller size. This can be achieved by selecting a garment with a flared skirt and belted waist blouses, or a straight garment like a shirt.

Dress Frame

Figure 8 is the framework perfect figure and the figure is in perfect balance. Busto is full, the size is small, with an average length and hips are fine. The whole body is perfectly balanced and gain weight is evenly distributed. This framework should focus on the waist and avoid cluttering the figure with a pile of clothes and diapers. Choose clothing which correspond to the body and identify the size.

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