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What about children, anyway?

How could deteriorate its become rock today? A group of punk-groups pop-cookie cutting now hanging on the independence of self MTV last infomerical 30 minutes, and just eat it .... let rock die. Since the 50s, the rock was about half a thumb for the establishment and teens are responsible for perpetuating this torch. But instead we're all on iTunes and go to Hot Topic and buy any it's the last shit that I think fashion and call you punk or metal .... It's disgusting. What happened to this generation? I know that can not be the only person who feels this way ...

Could not have said it better. I blame MTV and the media in general. Have influenced the youth of today to accept anything blindly as a viable entertainment. Rock used to be about art, expression and rebellion. Now, it's about image, fashion and greed. Disgusting indeed!

Great Success Tip: A UNIVERSAL seful UU-U and Truth to take into account

"Born an original" is one of the things I am more passionate. Who I am afraid because people really do not appreciate this fact. They "know" intellectually, but not "to things "in the intestine. They do not understand the full significance of it.

Ugo Betti did when he wrote: "When I say" I " I want to say something unique, not to be confused with any other. "

Not only were you born an original, but if we takes into account and add all their habits and tastes, and peculiarities, and the adventures and experiences, talents and skills and competencies, and ... etc., allows us to discover a single individual. You are only that, the only true, not only today but since the night time.

Among the thousands of millions of people * who have come and gone, it is not and has never been another you. And there never will, even if we could travel in time to the year 50,000. You and me and all of us, SPECIAL. Unique and special. That's what Wally Amos Watermelon Magic wrote in: "Each of us is unique and special. No two sets of fingerprints are same. So enjoy and appreciate its uniqueness. You are an object collection is priceless. "

That is what they are: coin collection, a masterpiece of origin, and not a reproduction of painting by numbers, not a copy. "So please, I beg you, do not die a copy, and not living as one in the meantime.

Trust me on this point, I know they are difficult to March own music, do what he wants in his own way, but you should do your best to do it! It is your mission here on planet Earth. As Zig Ziglar wrote: "You're the only person who can use their talents and skills, but is a huge responsibility."

In this regard, ee Cummings wrote: "To be nobody but yourselfin a world which is doing its best, night and day, elsemeans worldwide fight against the hard battle as a human being can fight and never stop fighting.

In Julius Caesar, Antony has urged his contemporaries to "Keep friends near you. Keep your enemies closer. "For me, the worst enemy I have is the cookie cutter tool used to do the same. As a writer, a marketer of network and internet marketer in a highly competitive market, the same old, same old means "catastrophe". And as a person, means "boring". I can not do that.

So, as Marc Antony, I am very close to my worst enemy. I have a cookie-cutter pendant worktablewhen roof on my writing, is suspended in front of me, a few centimeters my face. When I go to places where I am in contact with people, I carry with me from carrying on in his pocket so it's always nearby. Is a constant reminder not to be like everyone else, but to be ME. In order not to comply, not to think, talk, shop or any other purchase. Love the issue raised in a Jewish folk song "If I'm like third, who like me?"

Ralph Waldo Emerson insurance in accordance with this forever when he writes: "Insist on yourself; imitate. Your donation can submit at any time with the cumulative force of a culture life but with the talent has adopted another, only half of the improvised speech. "

My dear reader, let me repeat some something useful for the U of account balance. It is a universal truth that all biologists and psychologists are unanimous and say in unison U: U, my friend, are unique in the Universe! It is a fact. Therefore, the uniqueness and originality are the order of the day and uniformity is available! U not be unidimensional, but one of many facets, with many talents and skills useful. So join these gifts with your creative thoughts and to use all U've many have come with something special and unusual. And U've was full. It is not necessary for U to steal the ideas of others, or try to imitate them. Only U!

I would like to a recommendation, if I may. I will use "We, Us, Our" it is not just for the reader, but for me too. What is our life not an array of numbers, but it is an Iris Van Gogh, or perhaps the label of a soup can by Andy Warhol. He has not matter as long as the U-nique. May our lives no elevator generic "music", but make sure it is more like the opening 1812 Tchaikovsky, Mozart's The Magic Flute, Pachelbel's Canon in D, Dave Brubeck's Take Five, or The Who Baba O'Riley,

We will create something which is U-nique. That our time on earth to be a masterpiece so that when out of here to go to kingdom come, we can look back on our lives and see a fine cloth decorated in a beautiful large and say "Wow!" We look it! Me! This is MY life! I did. I painted it. Was I not something? "

BCthe [40000 * Since the dawn of modern manan estimated 58 billion people have come and gone, according to a study by the Netherlands Institute of International Statistics.]

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