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What is the best website to order glass beads?

Just wonder what's the best website to order glass beads,you know some silver core glass beads to put on bracelets.

History of Glass

Glass has existed since 3000 BC in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia. It was discovered accidentally when the sand Calciferous find their way into an overheated kiln and combining with soda to form a veneer of color on the pottery. The first man was the subject of non-crystal glass beads transparent glass containers later, is another matter.

During the 16th century BC the manufacture of glass of wine to the existence Halloween Egypt and Mesopotamia, China and other civilizations through merchants and sailors who traveled frequently.

In 1500, a. C., Egyptian glass Paraoh Tuthmosis III as prisoners of different parts of Asia, the successful military campaign. It is believed that manufacturers of glass produced glass bottles by dipping a mold of compacted sand base in the molten glass, then turn the mold joined the molten glass. Rolled in stone slab decorated cool.


In 20 a. C. before 14 AD, the use of spread glass throughout Syria, Italy, where the Romans began the process of blowing glass into molds using a long thin tube, for produce a variety of sanctifying glassware.

The Romans contributed greatly to the window of his conquest and trade relations. It was during the reign of Emperor Augustus, the use of glass has flourished in France, Germany and other European countries. It is also believed that the Romans were the first to use glass for architectural, after the discovery of clear glass in Alexandria around 100 AD.

During the Middle Ages improved Glass manufacturing gradually. In Venice, there were more skilled craftsmen, who have traveled abroad to earn money. Until that threats of death if they live in the country, which was then a leader in the glass industry.

France - experts

It was in 1688 in France, the process of making new glass experts dish used primarily in the mirror. The process has been pouring molten glass in a special table and roll it flat, then when it is cooled with polished estimated discs is then coated with a reflective material produce mirrors. French government has also taken many measures to promote the glass industry by placing heavy import duties on the glass and Venetian glass manufacturers offering high incentives, a French national tax-exempt. Since the glass manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain have contributed to the glass permanently.

Modern technology

Today innovation of new technologies in the industrial revolution, looking glass on the new strategy in the manufacture of crystal glass used to produce various special purposes, such as the solar control glass, which can control the harmful UV rays entering the building while allowing natural light to flow. Other special glasses which came into existence in fire protection and privacy glass.

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