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Vapor - works well on cotton, cotton blended with spandex?

I am thinking of buying a clothes steamer (The Jiffy J-2000, be exact). I'm tired of ironing and my style is such that most of my clothes they need. Most of the clothes they used steam in skirts and dresses that are cotton or cotton / spandex blend. Does that work in these tissues and steam? Also a bit of rayon and polyester dresses me steam ... will work well in this? Is there fabrics that the boat does not work on both? and I know not expect perfect, the net result was to receive steam iron. 🙂 Thank you, thank you for your help!

Vapors are great as long as you use distilled water and a pinch of salt. For stretch fabrics only to keep the boat a little more than the stuff you do not want getting too hot and melt the stretch in it. Happy vapor.

Knitted Fabrics plant

Knitting (pronounced tree-ko) is a type of string knit is widely used in the manufacture of clothing material lining and the collection of dresses. Warp is a type of fabric fibers that make up the fabric running the length of the fabric instead of the range. These fibers are Woven zigzag. This type of fabric can be used with different types of fibers, from natural fibers such as wool and cotton fibers such as nylon and rayon. Very often, a mixture of fibers used for clothing knitted machine.

Warp, the number of thread terminates (Threads separate thread) is equal to the number of points in a row, and son are woven together. Therefore, contrary to conspiracy rarely handmade chain. Because it is a specialized form of fabric, knitwear manufacturers are required to invest in specialized equipment to set up a knitting factory. In the Knitting Factory, the base material, either cotton or wool or nylon, is the first selected, and lengths son parallel are necessary based on a knitting machine. Once done, the machine is activated. The son of machine adjacent loops around each length, forming knitting. This unique production method also gives its characteristic pattern of vertical rib knit at the moment on the front of the canvas and horizontal ribs are present on the back.

Knit fabrics are generally made from synthetic materials, because they can withstand the lateral forces, which originate from the chain weaving techniques. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, acetate, acetate fibers and three are the most commonly used natural products such as wool and cotton used less frequently. mixed fabrics are also very popular, with a mixture of nylon, adding strength and durability, and spandex adds flexibility (or elasticity) on the web.

Knitting has several advantages over other types of fabrics. Knitting is a soft and flexible and does not hang, because of its unique technical knitting. He also doesn

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