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Crocheting a bath mat?

I'm going to be crocheting a bath mat, the size is going to be 12" x 24" using Cotton Crochet Thread and doing the Loop Stitch. About how many skeins of the Thread will I need? And is the thread appropriate for a rug and this stitch or should I use something a little thicker? I want to be able to wash it easily since I do use a washboard.

Make a 4"x4" swatch. Weigh it - using a food scale if necessary. Multiply the weight by 20 (your swatch at 4"x4" is 1/18th the size of the finished mat, the rest is for finishing and for making up for possible flaws in the thread). That will tell you how many grams or ounces of thread you need. Then go to the yarn store and see how many balls of thread you need to get that much weight.

For example, if your swatch weighs 23 grams, then you will need 23 x20 grams of thread, or 460 grams. If it's sold in 50 gram balls, you will need 10 balls of thread.

Easy peasy?

Making Your Own Porcelain Craft

Porcelain dolls, China dolls, etc, are made up of pottery and/or ceramic. The dolls are small, medium, and sometimes long. The twirps, Mellette, or youthful dolls may benefit from hailspot dresses, apron, shoes, socks, and so on. You can purchase socks and shoes at craft shops, otherwise you can hand knit the items for her.

You will need materials to get started. Materials should include 10 inches of hailspot patterns or fabric, which you will use to make underwear and the dress. Add 6 inches of white plain-woven fabric, or batiste to make your apron. The fabric should be made of fine, soft and plain woven-fabrics, such as linen, cotton, etc. add 40 inches and another 3/8 inches of narrowed edge lace to make your underwear, apron, and dress. You will also need light, DMC thread made of poly-cotton. Embroidery DMC thread should be light also to use on your sewing machine. (If applicable) Helmar is a fabric spray that stabilizes the material. You will need this also. You can find other brands at craft stores.

Purchase 818 embroidery threads, such as pink. You will need green also. (524) The thread will be used to make your bonnet and apron. You will need studs and/or buttons as well. Purchase the OOO types, as well as the "OOO studs" to complete your apron.

Once you gather your materials, you will need an acting technique, which includes patterns that you will cut. The patterns should include 2-underwear, front upper section of the dress on folds, or bodice. You will need a pattern to create the back region of the bodice on folds as well. In addition, add two sleeves, and the fold of your dress kilt.

How to design underwear:

To start, crisscross the lace attaching it to the legs. Pull the right face or sides of your fabric together and begin stitching at the front core and back center so that the seams come together. The untreated edges of the crown should crisscross, turning over a 1/4 inch to achieve the covering. Sew in place and leave an aperture to the thread expandable via the covering, or casing. Now bring together your seams at the crotch and add fabric glue to the crotch ends, or seams of your thread. You can cut now. Crisscross and begin stitching over the expandable hat and about the interior of the doll legs at 1/2 inch from the edges of your fabric.

Continue after stitching your expandable fabric, continuing to pull up the fitted legs. Your expandable casing should easily detach from the crisscrossed region. Now you can lock up your expandable and cut to fit. Do the same on the other leg. Next, cut your expandable so that it fits the waistline, and sew at the crown of your underwear and lock it.

Now you are ready to make your dress. To start you want to link the line of stitching at the shoulder and the bodice at the front and extend to the bodice at the back region. At the fold lines, press the middle of the back. Now you can measure the edges of the neck, including the neckline at the front and the back center and so on. Now you can cut your narrowed edges of lace to fit your doll after doubling your measurements achieved.

Next, pull your thread up to meet the top of your lace and gather it so that it fits the neck and the back centers. The ends should fold before you doppelganger your lace and begin stitching the lace about the neck on the seam lines. Keep the opposite free. The right facing side should be brought up to bodice on the right and the seams at the shoulder should match. Start sewing near the neckline and then stitch the row prior, starting at the middle back. Continue to the around the doll to the middle back. Next, cut about the neckline, turn it so that it angles at the right facing outward, and then press your garment.

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