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Fabri-Holic Help needed. The best way to organize a book of nuances?

I need to create a book of all the fabric samples I have. Due to the enormity of the task that is likely to wait a week for the entire catalog of cotton. But before I begin I would like some suggestions on how to organize them. I know how color and textured fabrics like velvet and velvet separately. I think to go with spacers laptop (the type of rings) and also put in. is pink at the edges of the samples. Actually I have no time to see how I have these tissues. Some a bit small. Some meters. So I think I'll point out something less than half a meter with a minus sign for him and let him go to. Any suggestions?

I'm no expert on this and have no technical knowledge - some ideas of what you have described ..... 1. How was classified and kept their tissue? Follow the same system to organize your samples in order to reduce confusion and help easily find the fabric. 2. I like the idea of the minus sign! However, if you have the fabric is very little, how there should be a shadow of it? You really need a sample? I just dump these tissues in appropriate size boxes or plastic. If you are a little long, I sometimes carefully and then stack the box. [[May add separators to divide the attachments]]]. For parts even [good for smaller fixtures, etc] I just dumped them randomly into a box. 3. (And that's what I did, too, to my hook lace stitch patterns, lace, etc) http:/ / / cgi-bin / Opinion / ID = 1452 - I like the idea of using the box on the eve of CD (s) to keep the samples, together with maps, etc. Check your post. Here is another good idea! Http: / / / projects / fabric_brochure You can always mix things - the use of a pair of strategies proposed to bring his own very special 🙂 I hope this helps all the best 🙂


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