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Difference between clothing and patchwork fabrics?

I am a beginner and do not know how to identify tissues suitable for making clothing? What are the key to control? I am looking for the site currently Hancock, all of these tissues are padded? Are there rules about that some materials should be used? Kona Premium, wide, bleached cotton? Please help me understand what it takes search. (Hancock of Paducah)

You can making clothes almost all, if not, a rubber or something. Natural fibers are more comfortable than synthetics, of course. cotton quilt with only fashion patterns. If you want to configure, you can make clothing from it. I am my own new couture. As we have competition (SCA), I used the linen and wool so far. They are comfortable to wear. If I were you, I'd go hunting in your area to see if stores cheaper than the big chains. In fact, the local SCA group probably knows where to find cheap fabrics: a) only have a large chain of shops in town, so I buy one until I'm in town. It usually costs me about 1 / 4 the price:) Also, look in op shops (thrift stores) and sometimes markets. It's a good idea to learn to say the material is. A simple test is to burn! If the fire son and pull a few out front the store and do! If burned, is a natural fiber. If it melts, it is not. Often, you get a mix, and you can tell if the mixture more or less natural is how burns to ashes and how thoroughly. Yes, I am a nonsmoker, but I've been around a lighter in this sense:)

What, exactly, Kona Cotton?
Kona (R) is a premium cotton fabric 100% cotton Robert Kaufman Fabrics in Los Angeles. Company presented the material in the 1980s in response to industry, while growing, quilt, an interest that continues today days continuously. The fabric is soft, light, often called the 'Quilter's Cotton, who is also ideal for fine clothes, clothing children's shirts soft, comfortable, clothing, accessories and home decor. It has a "substantial" hand, which means that you can actually feel the difference by touch fabrics and making it a pleasure to work with.

Link. And the models, too
Kona cotton has a maximum of 60 son by 60. This means that there are 60 channels and 60 frames per square inch of fabric. So I did a little research, I do not know that son of warp and weft are. (I had never heard the word "conspiracy"). A warp is a support wire on the loom, long and strong and most often linked to job, a weft thread is passed back and forth between the son of chain to form tissues. Does the high number of son, all channels and wefts playing together, that make Kona cotton a soft, lightweight, yet very strong material, one of the finest fabrics by hand or machine quilting.

Before using warning
It's a good idea to recycle cloth to remove any size / finish before using in your project. Treat it as you would any new 100% cotton fabric: Gentle wash, mild detergent, dry-bottom, remove promptly and iron. Wait about 1-3% contraction.

What color?
Kona is available in several colors, 170 solid colors as the manufacturer's website, And a quick search of the hand dyed Kona cotton "will appear manufacturers offering hundreds of colors and beautiful patterns dyed Kona cotton fabric.

But you're not a seamstress?
Yes, I am a board-to-machine and the same qualities that make it ideal for cotton quilting and sewing Kona apply to machine embroidery, too. The meat I feel that I referred to sound very easy and quick to stabilize. The push / pull factor is minimal and, especially, the drawings are magnificent sewn on it. Although there are cheaper fabrics, I test all my embroidery designs on Kona cotton and turn to the first for any embroidery project that I finished.

Embroidery design digitizer Deb Schneider offers her machine embroidery designs on her website,


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