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I need help making a quilt?

I want to make a John Deere quilt for my best friend. I have 5 yards of yellow John Deere cotton fabric and 55 4"x4" squares (11 different patterns, 5 of each), and a John Deere panel measuring 16"x16". I have been trying to map this out for months, and I just don't know how to get started. I had to cut over 100 more squares of the yellow fabric to make enough squares to have a good size quilt. I want it to be big enough maybe for a twin bed. Please, help me! I have never made a quilt before. I have a Singer Advance machine, but is it easier/better to do it by hand??

Hi Lisa,

Here's a thought...use your panel for the middle of the quilt then sew the 4 x 4 blocks around the panel in a "Checker Board" pattern. Use your yellow print for your outside borders. Your sewing machine is fine. If you hand sew it, it will take you months to complete. There are many quilting books available for ideas and inspirations. Go to your local library and have a look. You might find another idea of putting together your quilt. As well, locate a local quilt shop in your area. Quilt shops are constantly offering "Beginner Classes" to get you quilting. They might be able to offer you more ideas of how to build your "John Deere Quilt". Good Luck to you!! Quilting is a great way to meet new "quilting friends".

Fabric Window Treatment Ideas

This article will present a few fabric window treatment ideas that you might want to use as you cover your house up and put the drapes on. You can also use these ideas as the take-off point for your own ideas in improving your window treatment.

If your house has a low ceiling and few windows, do not use velvet or other heavy drapery, as they can increase your cooling bill. Use such drapes in the winter, but stash them away and put on the sheer curtains during the summer or spring months. You can also layer your curtains: put lace over cotton, to create a cottage, down-home feel; or place veil over glossy material to imitate a bridal gown.

If you cannot afford heavy drapes but still want color in your window, then add stained glass panels to your window, or hang up stained glass chimes. These can change the color of the light coming into your home, and can add to the appeal of your windows.

You can also innovate on the different ways to tie your drapes: tie them with different colored ribbons, or place dried flowers in your knots. Hang on braided fabrics to the edges or knots in your curtain. If your house is made up of cool stone or brick, you can turn your home into a castle by hanging up brocade or velvet curtains with embroidery.

These are only a few fabric window treatment ideas that you can use, so be creative and adventurous, and add accessories or decorations where you like. If you have heavy drapes, do not overdo your set-up, and instead let the design of your fabrics stand on their own. If you want to use thin, simple, or sheer drapes, however, you can add decorations, but make sure that they do not make the window appear too over-laden with accessories.

Do not settle for only one or two fabric window treatment ideas to decorate your window for the next three years. Innovate constantly, and make sure that you get your drapes washed regularly. You can have a pretty window in no time, with the best fabrics showing off your interests and style.

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