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Does anyone know what kind of sewing machine do I need to sew, knit cotton / lycra / elastic fabric with ease?

Even tissues and false .. faux fur fabric *

sewing machine more work. Properly adjust the machine, and use proper needle. Consultation with experts in the fabric store, and they will help. For example, stretch fabrics, nylon often need and a small zigzag stitch so that the seam will not open.

Travel cotton â € "2 mode fiber

Cotton has maintained its position as the most versatile fiber in the world, even after nearly eighty centuries. No other fiber has such characteristics to obtain amicable results which cotton.

Cotton has many uses and a thousand faces is well known for its usefulness, look, presentation and above all the comfort it provides. It generates millions of jobs as it moves to From son to end products.

Before arriving at our clothes, cotton is a long bumpy journey that takes you around the world. Several actors are involved in the production stages of each. What follows is a brief summary of the trip in the cotton textile industry.

Son production

New technologies have led to massive demonstrations in the textile industry. The machines have been updated and now Many operations are fully automated with computerized systems. Machine speeds have increased dramatically.

In many factories opening of bales of cotton fully automatically. Lint balls to produce a mixture of uniform fiber properties. To ensure that the supply of automated machinery efficiently conducted and the properties of fibers are uniform, computerized system gives balls for the production and consumption based on the properties of the fiber.

Joint lint is blown by air through ramps clean and separating the chard and bring the fibers in the thin network line. Carding machines can process cotton at 100 pounds per hour. After the procedure, the network fibers that are at the front of the card is powered on your computer called a trumpet-shaped funnel, providing cable known as smart.

At one point, eight son of the band are mixed in the process. In recent years, drawing speeds significantly increased, which at present is beyond 1,500 feet per minute.

After a trip or project drawframes bands were thinner, add a bit of a touch € "which makes it thinner and tighter in anticipation of achieving the thread size / number required for weaving or knitting fabric.

An opening rotors spinning, which can rotate 5-6 times faster than a machine rotating ring, are more admired. In this process, the wire is made directly from tape, eliminating roaming process.

Other spinning rod also required travel, and limited open-cycle end and is pivoted mechanical twisting. These systems use compressed air flow to maintain balance wire.

These operations have been seriously injured son in coils and tubes and the wire is preparing for the manufacture of cloth.

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