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Need a name for my new home business office decor / ...?

Any idea .... I'm starting an interior design business. What I do is basically a type of trash to treasure something. I can get an old ramp on the network and create chandeliers, age or cab and make an office clerks and shelf magazine. All my ends in my pieces are primitive, colonial, country and shabby chic. All these juices creation and I can not even think of a name "... PLEASE HELP!

"Art is garbage" or "green art work" or "recycled treasures" or "Fabulous find" Are you a website or photos I would like to see your stuff

Business Basics 2 Square Art

Business Basics 2 Square Art

This article is the second in a series four articles that will guide how you can start your own business offices, according to the four Ps of marketing - product, place, price and promotion.

Hope Have you had a good time to exchange ideas and research ideas for crafts to sell. If you do not, please see "Craft Basics 1 - The product" and do the exercises and see what we can achieve today. In fact, if you continue to do so, you will not miss not much to sell!

In this article we will see places you can sell their crafts. traditional marketing, says location, location, the location is very important in retail sales. If you intend to sell their crafts directly to your customers, then selling them on is important. Each sales channel is provided with its own challenges and help find experts from various channels so that you know how to sell effectively. Here are some ways you can get into the business of crafts.

* Outlets
Publication Design *
* Internet
* Mail Order Catalog /
* Home Parties
* Tradeshow

Delivery Sales

Consignment sales are likely the best way to get into art sales, so consider using this channel. Consignment sales basically means that their products sold shops and stores donate a percentage of their selling.

It looks easy but it can be difficult because traders can be very particular. They want to know if your product will be included in his shop and want a good commission for your product. Some store owners may accept products with ease, but you can not bother to screen and shows that even if the sentence is not to promote it.

You will need to prepare in advance, and you need to know how to talk to shop owners who do not irritate, but attracted enough to want to sell their products.

Saying things wrong and saying too much can cause loss of all their sales, even if marketable products can be wonderful. The lesson is how to maintain this delicate balance between talking and talking too much in introducing their products to the Shop owners.

A lot of people simply leave the products with shop owners, but if you go the extra mile and help shop owners with details such as decorations of their products and the display, you will see significant improvements in their sales.

Publication design

If you create your own products and want to get their pictures published in magazines are a great way to go.

You do not have to take care of their copyrights before posting in the case where the design is stolen, but it is very easy and inexpensive to do. You should consult with the authorities your country for details.

drawings published in journals is not different from the presentation of other serials. You check consumer magazines in their guidelines on the screen, and present designs based on these guidelines. If it does not guarantee their design almost never published, no matter how good they are. In some cases, you may get a publisher of Nice, but do not count on it.

A question that can be sticky at the drawings concerns Journal of human conception. Sometimes, the magazines they want to buy the rights to their designs for a small fee. You can also negotiate to retain all the rights or the magazine first rights to their design, what it means to be the first to publish the design, then you can. In any case, be sure to read contracts carefully before signing, if they provide a potentially viable design for $ 50.

Another way to get your cartoons published, if you want to avoid those pesky publishers is published for himself. It takes a little more work and requires some investment on your part, but can become even more successful and profitable.

You can print your own designs and put them on sale or you can create an electronic or digital version may your design to sales. If you plan to sell a digital version, the most common and probably the best file format to use would be PDF, as seen in most if not all, computers. Among the sale of a physical copy and electronic versions of digital paper, many self-publishers are going in the direction digital publishing, because of low costs. While the industry standard Adobe PDF is the creator, which will cost a bomb to get it. Will sell hundreds, even thousands of vessels to pay for it. Search the web and find cheap and even free alternatives.

Probably best way to sell their creations would be self-published by the Internet.


The idea of selling online is attractive. If I were to list the steps, sounds so deceptively simple, but from experience I know that it is not easy. Much people do not reach it. It's a new game, and if we play the game well, we must invest time to get a basic education.

If you're new to internet marketing and want to start quickly without going into the technical heart of the matter, Ebay should be a good platform. Once you have enough sales and experience, you can continue to have its own shop on eBay or elsewhere.

If you put walk through the technical aspects of creating a website, you can also use a blog to sell their wares. Creating a blog is no more difficult to get a free email account for the majority of people should be able to. Just head to Blogger or WordPress account. You can put photos and descriptions of their products with a link to PayPal and you're in business! This is the most professional of some drunk people have been selling online jewelry handmade with great success in this direction.

To create a blog or a shopping cart on your own site web, not much more difficult.

1) The registration of a domain name to GoDaddy or another reputable company. You should not have to pay more than $ 9 for. Com,. Net,. Org. Biz, etc.

2) Get a web host - If and when you plan to get your own website, you must carefully review the web hosting. There are tons of cheap web hosting around, but please resist the temptation. It not really worth saving a few dollars when you blackmail your domain name or that you ignored when your site is down.

Once you have found a few web hosting that you think you can meet your needs, to search for more comments from the host of the first. If no comments or very few reviews, I advise you to avoid them.

If you're new, I suggest you find a web host that offers cPanel with Fantastico, it will be easier for you to manage. Fantastico allows you to create a basket or a blog with a few clicks, you launch your online store easily.

3) Create your blog or basket. If you really do not want to dirty their hands here, contact your host. Most of them will be able to help you get started.

If you intend to sell using your website, it will be much better for you to get a hosted shopping cart. (Only looking " organized basket "for suggestions) can predict because all you need is to put in your own writeup and photos, set options and is ready to go.

Catalogue / VPC

mail order catalogs and have been used for decades or even centuries and is one the best ways for a business at home because of their relatively low cost and simplicity. The catalogs are attractive because they are generally very colorful and attractive people, and many of them do not care to take a flip on the rest after dinner or in bed.

However, if you not careful, you could lose a little money. This could happen if your catalog and retail outlets were low and sent too many people. Thus, all experts agree that direct sales tests are necessary. Testing the effectiveness of their catalog and sales letters to small scale first. If not, change something and try again. Keep changing until they get it right, then make a big scale.

There are several things to consider when designing catalogs. In creating the catalog, instead right parts at the right place to increase their sales significantly. The number of items to put on each page is also an important c7onsideration. Needless to say that most of their elements attractive should always be on the first page.

If you want to sell catalogs, you must consider the sale of markers, jackets and blankets sweet as they have proven to sell very well through this channel.

Home Parties

You may also consider holidays to be home, which were used effectively by companies like Tupperware and Mary Kay to sell their products.

Home parties must be fun to draw more people. A fun atmosphere also makes people more willing to buy their products. As mentioned above, use your catalog and organize effectively catalogs games. This "strength" of his party for participants to read the catalog and in the process, you can find something they want to buy.

Fairs and exhibitions

Exhibits can be very stressful, but can be very rewarding as well as financially. Especially if you have been selling their crafts in the wings, in catalogs or online. Being able to see the happiness and joy to your customers, who seek to hold and play with his job is rewarding itself. If you have purchased, even better!

Not limited to just sell it for granted. Running events in your booth to attract more people. Even a simple game or performance may attract many interested visitors.

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