Cow Leather Hair

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Is this girl a lesbian?

Ok, shes like 5'8 , asian, medium long hair.
Shes plays like competitive ice hockey, and does takewondo and softball too. she hangs out with friends, but does not have a boyfriend. Shes kinda quiet sometimes but is also very very smart.
And shes probably going to go vegetarian and does not where any animal by product clothing like leather, zebra patterns, cow patterns, monnetokins, UGGs, etc,
Also, she has glasses on. And shes not the very very girly type, i mean, she never puts on makeup, but dresses like a typical girl. and she occasionally puts on mascara, nail polish, lotion.
i dont know, she my friends but is she a lesbian and/or bisexual?
Also, shes really green too (eats organic/local, recycles, composts, doesnt litter, cares about environment)

Wut do u think?

Hmmm....being a little short sighted I initially thought you said she was 58.

Now that I know she is 5 foot eight inches tall, rather than 58 years of age, I can tell you definitively that yes, she is a lesbian.

She also votes Republican, and has a very insecure non/friend who lacks ordinary social skills, such as the ability to formulate a question, or comprehend reality.

I believe that if you compost this answer for about one month it may occur to the earthworm of your better self that there are better ways to find this out. Under the hopeful presumption that your cause for question is that you are attracted to her....I suggest....
flirting in a subtle and sweet way, then seeing what happens.

If not I hear there is a new I-phone app.
The "Sexchecker". Place the phone within 4" of any individual, and it will tell you their sexual preference.

Identifications for different Leather

Leather is the dried, toughened, tanned and dyed skin or hide of an animal. Usually available with the hair removed form. These animal skins and hides treated to preserve and make them suitable for use as much as long. By the process of tanning these skins are converts into a stable and non decaying material.

Uses and Benefits of Leather:

Leather is naturally versatile material, warm in winter and cool in summer. There is almost no other natural fabric has the insulation characteristics that allow both ventilation and evaporation to take place. Genuine leather provides the service and durability.

Leather is use to prepare leather apparel and leather garments like leather Jackets, leather coats, leather lingerie, leather pants and Leather undergarments. Leather shoes are also commonly used all over the world. Leather backpack, leather briefcase, leather bags and leather purses also have very important significance in our daily life

In its broadest sense, leather is any type of tanned animal hide. Different types of leather are characterized by both the type of animal skin used and the tanning and manufacturing methods employed. The most common types of leather are made from cow hide, but leather from other animals, such as kangaroos and ostriches, is also popular in certain applications. Different types of leather are suited to different purposes, including clothing, footwear, luggage, book binding, and drums.

A variety of animal skins are used to produce different looks in leather. Once leather is tanned and processed, certain sections are selected for use on a particular application. It will then go through another series of processing and splitting for each application. Leather quality is determined by the actual processes and chemicals used in its production. Respectable manufacturers use high quality in the production of furniture, car upholstery, as well as jackets and clothing. Lower priced leather on the other hand, means lower quality and is less durable in the long run.

An animal hide can be made into leather by a number of different methods, each of which lends different properties to the final product. Leather tanned with vegetable-based products is supple but can be damaged by exposure to water. Alum-tanned leather, created with aluminum salts, is less supple and can rot in water, but it can be made in much lighter shades than vegetable-tanned leather. A newer method of tanning, using chromium salts, results in a very supple leather that holds up relatively well in water. Brain-tanned leather or buckskin, made with animal brains or other emulsified oils, is washable and significantly softer than any of the above varieties, but it is also the rarest, as it is costly and time-consuming to produce.

Stiffer, more durable types of leather, suitable for use in drums, book binding, and, historically, armor, are created with different methods. Rawhide is made by scraping animal hide, treating it with lime, and stretching it throughout the drying process. Boiling in water or wax is another method used to make extremely tough types of leather.

The softer types of leather can be prepared in a few different ways. Full-grain leather, used in the finest leather products, is not altered past removing the hair and tanning the hide. Therefore, it requires raw materials of excellent quality. Top-grain leather is sanded on one side and given an artificial grain in order to hide imperfections in the raw material. The other side of this type of leather is fuzzy. Suede is fuzzy on both sides, as it is cut from the inside of an animal hide.

Other types of leather include patent leather, which has a very shiny, smooth finish, often coated with plastic; and shagreen, rough leather usually colored green. Many special types of leather are used in luxury products from gloves to pocketbooks. Belting leather is heavy and durable and can retain its shape exceptionally well. Napa leather is known for its softness, as is slunk, made from the hide of a calf fetus. Vachetta leather is typically used as a trim on handbags.

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