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I want to make a scrapbook...what should I put in it?

My name is Virginia, & I am a 17 yr old girl, living in T.O Canada.

I have many hobbies, and love trying new things. I decided to make a scrapbook of "my life"
So, scince I never made one before, I'm looking for advice or suggestions, on how to make it look great, be diffrent, and also mature. I dont want to make something that looks kiddish, and sloppy.

Thank You.

I think a good scrapbook most often happens when you take the time to plan, as you are doing now.

I would work out what titles you want on your pages first. Are you going right back to babyhood? Work out where in your life you want to start, then think of all the turning points in your life till now. Write these titles down in an order that pleases you.

Then (or along with the titles thinking) find some photos that tell your life story, your way. Fit the photos and the titles together on your list.

Now go to a craft or scrapbook store and find some designer papers and plain coloured cardstock there that suits your photos and story and tastes. You may find a kit that you just love, which will have coordinating pages in it with coordinating embellishments. Choose some thickers (alphabet letters) that you like to make into your titles. Surprisingly, plain white ones often look good to me, but you can choose from a huge range of colours and styles (fonts too). You will probably need light and dark coloured alphabets, depending on your papers and photos.

Take it all home and find a place you can spread things out, like a large table or a cleared floorspace. Now start matching photos, embellishments and papers together. Temporarily arrange the photos etc on the pages and keep rearranging till you are happy with the overall look of your scrapbook.

Once you have the story set out the way you want it, stack the pages together in order with the photos and papers you have chosen, and start working on the scrapbook - sticking things down with double-sided tape etc. There are loads of techniques and tips to try or you can make it very basic and just let the lovely papers and embellishments you chose be the features.

As you make your pages, don't be afraid to write on them and flesh out the story you want to tell. This is where journaling can really happen. I sometimes write out what I want to say on scrap paper first, or I type it into the computer and print it off to use in my album. I kinda like my own handwriting in my albums better than computer journaling though. It's a personal choice.

After I know how many pages I want in the album, I buy the album cover. Or I make one. Sometimes I personalise the cover as well.

Now you should have a wonderful book about your life that is well thought out, personal, and very YOU. And hopefully you had fun doing it too!

You may get some more ideas fro how to make an album at my site here:

(And you can also ask at the local craft or scrapbooking shop to see if they have classes in scrapbooking locally if you need more help and guidance).

Easy and fun Christmas crafts toddlers

There are many jobs easier, you can do with your child at Christmas. Here are a bunch Idea snowballs for decorative elements. href = ""> Christmas crafts with kids is a fun way to get into the mind and create a unique decoration that will be around for years to come.

Christmas Songs Toddler Craft Ideas:

Holiday Card Prints

Let your toddler sign cards holiday this year a unique flavor to a holiday greeting cards and have them participate in sending greeting cards. Its Family and friends will love the special touch.

  • Greeting Cards this year
  • Paint or Pen

Take a little painting, hand painting young children and / or foot and make an impression inside your greeting cards. Leave greeting cards open until the paint is dry. You can also use a pencil to describe the shape of your hand if you can not use paint. If you have a lot of letters, just do a little each day so that your child is not frustrated.

Placemats Christmas


  • 2 sheets of clear-Tact, the sheet size
  • Scissors
  • Apartment Christmas-themed items (poinsettia flower petals, pictures of Santa Claus, etc.)

Remove the back of a sheet of paper contacts. Place the sticky side on a work surface. Organize your photos and other dishes on the contact paper sticky. Take the second piece of contact paper and place the adhesive side down on the first piece, inserting into their Christmas items. Smooth and your done! Also can cut the edges with decorative scissors to give a special touch.

Corona fingerprint or hand


  • Construction paper in the colors of Christmas
  • Glue
  • Frost, Arches, and other Christmas items.

Trace your child's feet and / or hands on construction paper and cut each piece. Repeat this procedure until what you have about 9-10 pieces. Arrange in a circle-like crown and glue together. Decorate with sequins, bow or other elements of crowns Christmas.

Bright Snowman


  • Small, medium and large polystyrene beads
  • 8-10 small black pompoms
  • Stick 3-6
  • Glue
  • White paint
  • Gel
  • Paper Black, red, white, and construction

Cut about 1 inch from the bottom of the largest ball of styrofoam. This will create the basis for doll snow can stand on its own. 3 Glue the Styrofoam balls, with the greatest in the lower half in the middle, the smallest and top. Painting and sprinkle glitter everywhere. Let dry completely.

Glue black pom poms to the small ball to form the eyes, nose and mouth. Use a toothpick for the nose, arms and fingers.

Make a black hat for the snowman, by cutting a small circle, larger circle, rectangle and black construction paper. Little circle is the top hat, make the rectangle into a cylinder Mid-Cap, and paste the larger circle the base of the hat. Glue the hat on top of the head of the snowman.

Use paper remaining building to create a stripped scarf, gloves and other clothing snowman.

Balls snow home


  • Glass Jar Baby Food and lid
  • Gel
  • Baby Oil
  • numbers of small size (about 1-1.5 inches high)
  • Glue

Stick Figures inside cover. Make sure it fits in the pot screw. Fill the jar with baby oil and glitter "snow". Do not use water as the oil is thick and causes the brightness to fall more slowly. Slowly screw the cap on the bottle. Screw the cap on the bottle and back!

There are several ways to give life to this project. You can use felt or paint to coat the inside and outside of the eyelid to look more elegant. You can also attach the ribbon and make a bow around the base of the snowball.

Gift Wrap home


  • brown shipping paper and / or paper bags
  • Painting
  • Brushes, swabs, sponges or other

Lay a sheet of paper or brown paper bags together. Let your child paint the paper with different brushes, sponges, and tools. Be creative about using things like brushes. Try potato halves toothbrushes and household items. Let dry and package the gifts with him!

Marco Ornament Candy Cane


  • 2 candy canes
  • A small picture
  • Glue
  • Meaning
  • Band

Glue the candy canes together two heart-shaped. Let dry. Cut a piece of tape and the rope through the heart of sugar cane, tie ropes. This is for you to hang the ornament from the tree. Place in the heart of sugar cane on a piece of felt, trace and cut. Repeat you have two pieces of felt. At the center of a cut piece of an oval or a square window of the image. Align the photo in oval or square, and glue in place between the two parties Felt. Glue candy canes to feel. Let dry and hang on the tree!

pineapple ornaments and decorations bright


  • Cones of all sizes
  • Glue
  • Red, green, silver, gold and chaff
  • Coordinating ribbon or string

Any pick up or cones outside the buy at a craft store. Let your child sprinkle pineapple with glue, then sprinkle with glitter or roll into. Tie a ribbon or string at the beginning of the pineapple. Wait a tree or as decoration in the house.

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