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Cool things to put on a girls' wall?

So, I've decided to make my room more, 'me'. And I'm putting cool crafty things on my wall and room. I'm on a budget so I'm open to homemade things. Any websites and/or ideas would be helpful.
I also love picture of my fam and friends so if you can think of anything cool to do with those it would be nice

You could put up a cork board and decorate it with all kinds of personal items like pictures, drawings or awards. Also, if you love to shop you could take bags from the stores you purchased items from and fold them in shapes and hang them. My friend did that with Victoria's Secret bags. Another thing that I have actually done is take a colored poster and take some clear glue and write out your name really big. Then, take beads (I used a bunch of random beads I got from Michael's. I wouldn't recommend using cheap plastic beads, they would fall off) and put them on the glue. Don't leave any space in between the beads. Then when it dries, you will have spelled out your name with beads! It looks really cool. One last thing is a collage. You can take any pictures you want and make a collage online. I would recommend using Microsoft Powerpoint for this. It will look the best if you leave no space between the pictures and line them up straight. Then print it out and hang it. A cute thing you can do to it is take little jewels (plastic of course, not real) and stick them around the corners where two pictures meet.

Hope I helped!

Presidential assassinations

Well, then sooner or later all the shows on the New World Order to murder comes in. Now, I never been one to be overly interested in the finer details of the assassination of JFK, I really do not care if there was a gunner, two gunners, a grassy knoll that was not so grassy, etc.

However, I am very interested in a more macro level and look not only the assassination of JFK, but in every murder of a president to see if there is a common thread. To this end, some basic information should be reviewed. Lincoln First there were four successful assassination of a president, at least three of them are opponents ardent supporters of central banks' monopoly power. Abraham Lincoln, the first successful presidential assassination, we see the bankers and the president were diametrically opposed. Lincoln has served the interests of bankers to take the country to civil war (on both sides of the banks that financed). Although participation to Lincoln's war has made two important changes in monetary policy, there were two to raise funds for the civil war. The first step was the signing of the National Banking Act.

The law on the issue of banknotes to the government's debt. In other words, has allowed national banks (and all the small banks, but forbade state charter) to issue banknotes or paper money is committed to providing real as currency in circulation. The reason for this measure in time of war has been taken because the reserves of the National Bank should now be in the form of bonds (Loans). This is one of the main factors that have financed the civil war. The more money the National Bank put in place and the purchase of bonds government and the government had a debt to the bankers.

The second measure, which was much less popular with bankers, has been issuance of "greenbacks" of the Treasury. These notes, or United States Notes, effective provision by the government while today there are "Federal Reserve Notes" which are issued by the Federal Reserve, a company whose shares are held powerful multinational banks. Greenbacks were the first does not base its domestic currency debt since the Revolutionary War. This means that when the government approved and printed of these bills that could happen in the economy (largely to the war) and no debt to repay to the left in its wake. Most other cases, the government ad "borrow" new money created by bankers and the bankers to pay back, plus interest.

Thus, tickets Lincoln Greens were in direct competition with the National Bank notes. The more the government prints greenbacks and uses the (U.S. Notes), less dependent the sale of debt to the bankers in exchange for money (notes of the National Bank), they have created. Since the government of war in time of need money was so great that bankers are not much care market share of greenbacks. After the Civil War, when governments demand for money has been significantly reduced bankers wanted to kill the issue of greenbacks for expenditure of all government deficit means the government, or, by extension, the public would become more and more indebted to the bankers. While they have done successfully as any Greens ticket, Lincoln had big plans for post-civil war reconstruction. Consider the following quote from Lincoln's Senate Document 23, page 91, 1865

  • The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency ... necessary to meet the purchasing power government and the purchasing power of consumers. By adopting these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money cease to be master and become the servant of humanity. "

Not exactly music to the ears of bankers who had intend to have the power to issue all currencies as national banknotes that have been built on debt public. They will one day his desire, as is the case today, when none of the money in your wallet says "The States United States Note ", but is issued by the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank under government regulation very limited. However, this dreams never have happened if Lincoln had been able to extend the U.S. Notes to the point where nations have met the need of currency and the public have appreciated the benefits of having the government borrow money without going into debt in the process (as is the case today).

What if the bankers do? Well, I must pause a moment just to say that the implication of what follows is somewhat speculative. In life there is always a difference between what we believe and what you can prove definitively, I should say that I will present a belief. But in the context of other murders, you will see that this is not an irrational belief. Of course, I mean the fact that 5 days after General Lee surrendered, officially ending the war and pave the way to eliminate Lincoln National Bank Notes United States Notes, was shot. Again, everything is more than 100%, the only speculative part of the implication that the bankers ready to kill. Look, of course, Booth was killed and he was a fellow who wanted to be immortalized in history. The stories we are taught in school about these events are "true", but they are the whole truth? Has been facilitated by access and help others to do the act difficult to kill a world leader? In America, it is an expression used to go straight to the heart of the question: Cui Bono, which means "For whose benefit?". I leave you with the above facts that show how those who have most to gain from the deaths of men were at Lincoln Center (or national) banks that wanted retain control of the power to issue currency. In this context today, realizing what he had to say about the assassination Lincoln, namely, the statesman of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck

  • "The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christianity. There was nobody in the United States big enough to wear his boots ... I fear that foreign bankers with their tips and tricks tortuous full control of exuberant richness of America and the use of systematically corrupt modern civilization. Please not to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth would become his legacy.

Unfortunately, this is not the only president that he would live to see killed. It is interesting to see how it puts the responsibility foreign bankers who had tried take control of the issuance of currency in the U.S. since independence from Great Britain. What is interesting is that often, xenophobia are sometimes blamed for all references to "international bankers", but also foreign Bismarck United States without talking about xenophobia, but was simply explaining the situation was understood then, but has been overshadowed in history books and modern media. Garfield James A. Garfield was no friend of central bankers. Unfortunately for the bankers did not know until after he was inaugurated. Watch his speech shortly after his elevation to the post of Chairman:

  • "Whoever controls the volume of money in our country controls absolute in the industry and commerce ... when you realize that the whole system is very easily controlled, one way or other by a few powerful men at the top, you will not say how periods of inflation and depression of origin. "

To give context to the above statement, Garfield became for forcing banks to offer gold who claimed to have when guests came to redeem bank notes or withdraw their deposits. The National Banking Act was discussed several loop holes where banks can not have the required money of certificates claimed to represent. For banks, this means their ability to not only lend money but to create new funds that do not have a copy of the gold would be very low. In a sense, the applicants would be a way of maintaining a bank "honest" if Garfield had his way. Now, before his election that bankers have thought it would be useful, as opposed to money from the banks, for hatred, again, compete with national bank notes. However, the reason Garfield money was rejected because it had overestimated compared with gold, but it became clear that it would open the money if the exchange of gold and silver would be more equitable. Anyway Regardless, back to basics Here you can see clearly that President Garfield was not happy with the fact that some bankers have powerful the power to control the volume of currency in circulation, which is equivalent to them because of being the masters of the unknown society. Some weeks after it was recorded as making the audacious attack on the elite bank, was murdered by her killer possible. I say possible because it is not dead on the spot. It was a slow death was accelerated by doctors his liver began while apparently trying to remove a bullet. Thomas Edison even tried to help in this difficult shot to invent a detector Metal to find, but in vain. What was the outcome? Ten years later, the letter below was published by the Association of Bankers U.S. in 1881. In reading the citation notes they speak what they will do three full years ahead:

  • "The September 1, 1894, we will not renew our loans under any consideration. On 1 September, we asked for our money. We will finish and become mortgagees possession. We can take two thirds of the farms west of the Mississippi and thousands of them east of the Mississippi, and in our own price ... Then, farmers will become tenants as in England. "

Thus, the letter, while similar incidents also sounds as if only to assert their legal options - which is true. However, if Garfield had lived he would have greatly limited the power banks, or at least attempted, by limiting their ability for banks to create money from nothing. With other laws in his favor that made the letter mentioned just words. It may be wise to think about these statements made by Lincoln and Garfield and ask yourself this question: When was the last time you heard a president strongly denounce the banking system (and not just the premiums CEO of the bank, ironically, can be regarded as an aspect most legitimate comparison bank)? Well, when you think of the answer just to make it easier to say: John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy, however, historically speaking, the Kennedy family has been involved in several shady deals that are well documented and should not be crushed here. My point of putting in place is not the mark of the Kennedy family as corrupt boot-legging Nazi collaborators (although there is evidence of that), but stressed that the bank had reason to believe that JFK would have been easy to handle. He also expressed support for the campaign of various spending programs that had the potential to put the government on more debt to banks by deficits.

However, shortly after he became President John F. Kennedy was suddenly awakened why JFK was not afraid to discuss sensitive issues. Get me a little in the following simplified chronology: January 20, 1961 - John F. Kennedy enters the office as the President of the United States. Three months later, giving is often called "secret societies" speech at the Newspaper Association of American Publishers. In this speech, said that the United States had been "for himself and opposed to secret societies in history, secret oaths and to secret proceedings. He went on to describe what can not be a description of the international banking elite when he said " We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - Infiltration instead of invasion, subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead armies during the day. This system has mobilized vast human and material resources in building a close knit a highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, operations, economic, scientific and political. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not right. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. "Some may say they are simply referring to the Soviet empire, However, if there is no reason to put aside any reference to the Russians. And the link with the secret societies that have no relevance in the context of the Cold War. It's not too say they have not played a role in this conspiracy "monolithic" in which he refers. One could speculate all day on the smallest details, but what is of great use is to examine the public record. There was some important steps that Kennedy has been taken which was the arrogance of the banking community. First, October 11, 1963, Kennedy signed NSAM 263, from a withdrawal of 1,000 soldiers (about 5 to 10%) U.S. presence in Vietnam. Other documents, including planning documents in the spring of 1963, show that this was the first step for the withdrawal timetable. Always you have any questions regarding government documents, because often are many contradictory projects championed by different interests of the administration.

What is known with certainty is that the bankers who financed both sides of every war since the Napoleonic era, has made significant funding benefits of war. In recent history, banks are configured in multiple ways to profit from the war. The most direct way is the property most defense companies. Any business, individual and government are still in bank debt, giving huge amounts of interest one year for them to cleverly used to enhance ownership of defense companies, but not just the Fortune 500 that have directly and indirectly through funds from the Federal Reserve. Another way of bankers who own and control the Federal Reserve Corporation, who in time of war is the debt accumulated by the government is justified as necessary to win the war. Remember when the government into deficit territory in which the difference of the budget to go to the Federal Reserve and give them an IOU (or bonds Treasury) in exchange for newly created money. This is also a matter of public interest is what happened in Vietnam after JFK was assassinated, President Johnson greatly intensified police action on the logistics of war. I can make in Vietnam, first place because it was not really something much more threatening JFK had done for the banking elite. Wars come and go, but one thing bankers do not want to lose your power to create money. Now JFK was not willing to take that power banks located outside, but extremely important step in this direction with the signing of Decree 11110. There is a description of the weak order in the Wikipedia (href = "">, but does not express the meaning of this Ordinance. Executive Order 11110 directed the Recirculation certificates more money, among other provisions. This may seem insignificant in themselves, but remember that these certificates Silver United States Notes " have been issued by the Treasury and represented real money. This form of money, which was mainly greenbacks Lincoln, could be issued by the government and adopted without creating debt. Since the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam was a first step towards the dream of Lincoln "The government should create issue and circulate all the currency ..." as we have discussed earlier. This would have the power to issue currency in the hands of the government and prevailed (at least in part) by private bankers. Must strike the average person hardly surprising that the bankers can, any way, create or issue money. This odd prime was compared with the beginning Police Department under the control of the Mafia. In just five months after the signing of Decree 11110, and barely one month after the signing of the first withdrawal Viet Nam, by John F. Kennedy to be assassinated. Every president since has steadily increased the power of private property Federal Reserve and none said a word about the reintroduction of greenbacks, "notes the United States. The struggle of 150 years for central bankers not to has been almost erased from history books, and nobody in the media never asks why all the money you walk proudly that was issued by a private bank with the words "Federal Reserve Note".


Jordan Kaufman

Jordan hosts the Las Vegas Radio Broadcasting corruption KDWN 720 AM and is editor and principal contributor

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Jordan Kaufman is host of the Las Vegas based radio program Corruption Radio, on KDWN 720 AM and is editor and main contributor of

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