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Cheerleading Buddy Gift help! Creative ideas!?

Therefore, competition cheerleading team always presents ... Her boyfriend a little as Secret Santa if you've won it. do not say that we have, but we present them in a contest. On your worksheet boyfriend a few things to consider are .... His favorite color is yellow. She likes frames, coloring books, lip balm, witty material. music, jewelry, pants, nail, tie-dye, animial print and they love anything crafty or home. He also said that creative! So any good idea?? Please! Thanks!

Why they do one of those blankets polar seamless - the type that bind them together - and a pillow to match. As loves animal prints, zebra can do on one side and a solid color (Yellow or color of your computer) on the other. Then in the pillow, you can get pretty in iron letters and spell their name or the name of your computer. Everyone loves the blankets because they are so tender, and are ideal for the capture of the camp, competitions, dodos, etc. Here are some pictures of some that I did encourage my teammates / If albums/k200/ejarguelles/corrie/blanket1.jpg never have soooo easy! It takes less than an hour and can make them for less than $ 25. Here are some guidelines:

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