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How I can use custom shapes photoshop?

I created a module of Photoshop and when I try to fill with the color fills the entire canvas not just the form. Need help!

With custom shapes in Photoshop, how they behave depends on the settings the tool custom. Depending on the version of Photoshop you use, click each tool, the options on the toolbar (top of the screen above the box tools) to reflect changes in different ways you can use this tool. For more information on options for the toolbar here there is a link you can see. For custom shape tool, look at the icons second third and fourth in the bar. They are grouped together and look like a square with small squares in each corner, a quill pen with a picture of him, and a plain square. If the pen boom with a square that is selected in the option bar to try to fill the form with the color, the whole web is filled with color. If you click the fourth icon (Plain squares) is to fill the pixels of the shape and where you draw the form, filled immediately with the selected color in the color selection. To change the color after Having established the form, use the paint bucket and you must complete the form.

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