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Where I can find a scrapbooking open the "culture", near San Jose, CA?

I am looking to join a culture "(a people meeting notebook) in the San Jose area ... I prefer it not Creative Memories, because my record is 12 x 12 .. One who knew he was in a store closed ... any information would be useful! Thanks

Our local cultures all notices posted in the Scrapbook stores here. Has shops Scrapbook checked? By the way, did you know that there is a great Scrapbooking Expo Santa Clara Convention Center on August 8 and 9? Here is a link to information about: It workshops and a day of harvest every Friday, and other cultures, Friday and Saturday. I'm sure the cabinet to win! Hopefully lived closer so I could come. 🙂

Creative Ideas for Canvas Art

Unlike the standard works, canvas prints are printed on paper and that the name implies, of course, are printed on canvas. The canvas is then stretched over a hardwood for a beautiful effect without apparent scope.

Why the big brand companies chose to name the more traditional art of painting?

One of the main reasons for this transition is that it provides art on canvas indeed impressive. A table well chosen, can add beauty to any room. Thank you to the technology, any image can be transferred on the canvas, as can be used to show emotions, events or promotional messages or simply a company logo. A perfect canvas has the ability to make people stop and notes as well as fine arts, but with the advantage of being much cheaper.

Here are some creative ideas for art paintings and prints:

1. Make your own works of art - With modern technology such as Photoshop, is becoming easier to edit their own art and photos using a computer. Have you created a virtual masterpiece? Bring to life as a canvas for all to admire!

2. Improve your family photos - Using Photoshop can do a lot of things to your photos, including but not limited a change of culture: pruning, removal of certain items and may remove any background! You can also add special effects such as Indeed the famous pop-art or exotic settings for your photos.

3. holiday photos - you take a picture of some sensational last time foreign you went on vacation? Would you like to relive every time you wake up? Just upload your photo on your computer, modify if necessary, then it sends to professional printing. In a few days might awaken a memory of his favorite holiday.

4. Use Photos - Not quite, but the artist herself a unique work of art of fantasy? Fortunately, there are artists willing to sell or give your art online for you to print on canvas! No check copyright before printing.

One thing that has not been yet mentioned is the cost of that and most people are pleasantly surprised to discover that you can buy one of these paintings for as little as twenty pounds. By compared to traditional art, these prices are cheaper than the media is not surprising if many have chosen paintings to decorate your home.

Recent research has shown that even an impression of high quality fabrics to survive traditional photographs. photographs disappear after regular twenty years, while high-quality fabric can retain their color for an average of seventy years! By using some of these great ideas can easily transform a room in an art gallery.

It is our belief that everyone should understand the true beauty can be achieved through the fabric pattern.

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Canvas Republic is a family-owned business, founded in 2004 to supply high-quality canvas prints in exclusive and contemporary designs.


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