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Dysgraphia...Do I Have It?

I'm home schooled and I've been reading about Disgraphia and all of the symptoms that people show when they have it.I have every single one of the symptoms. Where can I take a test that I could make for sure or where can I get help?


Treatment for dysgraphia varies and may include treatment for motor disorders to help control writing movements. Other treatments may address impaired memory or other neurological problems. Some physicians recommend that individuals with dysgraphia use computers to avoid the problems of handwriting.

Occupational therapy could be considered to strengthen muscle tone, improve dexterity, and evaluate eye-hand coordination. Dysgraphic children should also be evaluated for ambidexterity, which can delay fine motor skills in early childhood.

Often small things can help students with dysgraphia, such as allowing them to use a preferred writing utensil or allowing them to submit typewritten work instead of requiring their work to be handwritten.

Suggestions for teachers and parents:[citation needed]

Use of small pencils (a typical pencil cut in thirds) golf pencils, or triangular shaped pencils all promote a functional grip. Jumbo pencils are useful for individuals with tremors or some types of cerebral palsy.
Ensure that solid handwriting instruction has taken place. The student should be able to tell how each letter is made using the same verbiage as the teacher.
Before the student begins to compose a paper, have them engage in prewriting activities such as webbing, or verbalizing what they will write about.
Use pre-lined paper that has yellow highlighting where the words are supposed to go
Allow students extra time to complete in-class assignments; otherwise they won't get the benefit of the instructional practice
Get students keyboarding early on
Allow students to use laptop or other computer for class work
Allow children to dictate to an adult; they can then recopy if necessary
Allow children to dictate into a tape recorder; they or an adult can transcribe later. This allows the creative output process to occur without being stopped by the execution problem.
Have compassion and know that this issue has nothing to do with intelligence or behavior.

Cosmic Ordering / Secrets of the cosmic order

Cosmic order is considered by many as New Age mumbo jumbo commands that has no place in the real world what they see.
Unfortunately for these people is, in fact, his view of life which is at odds with reality.
The universal law of attraction is the force that controls the cosmic order that does exactly what it says on the tin and is absolutely final.
It simply says that like attracts like. There is no ambiguity.
So, if you ask something, you get exactly what you ask.
When you ask a group of people what they want from life that small fraction will tell you.
The rest think they're saying, but they are not.
What they say is what you do not want a life and they do incredibly well.
The difference between focusing on what you want to achieve and focus on what is not huge. This is one of the most important steps in the process of conscious life. If you want to create their own reality, a positive approach in the sense that you want to travel is essential to its success.
His timing is simply the order that are perceived events of his life. If you think something you do every day, like brushing your teeth, you will notice that each execution of this Law has its own place in your imagination.
For example, if you remember to brush your teeth this morning, you'll probably find this report very clear and very near his mind. Cleaning teeth yesterday could be slightly skewed to the left or behind you can brush your teeth and think tomorrow is probably in the opposite direction respectively.
The farther back in time to go, the further away the image that usually appears.
You will also notice other changes, such as lack of clarity or increase the confusion that images appear below. These are typical examples of calendar.
You get exactly what you focus on the opportunity and creative displays are placed in a location that your subconscious is reserved for the future, will always be in the future.
As you progress through time, creative visualizations which have positioned themselves in the future, no, of course, find their way into the present, remain in the future as long as you aspire to achieve, but never notice.
The emphasis as we have established is very important in the creative process.
I urge you to apply these principles to their own lives. handling the timeline can do what you want more comfortable and, finally, you need to change the display of the creative sector that sees your mind as a gift, if you want your desire to become your reality, instead of remaining forever out of reach.

About the Author

Remember above all else to be specific.
The secret of Cosmic Ordering is that there is no secret it is something we all do everyday, quite naturally.
Imagine, (that is the biggest word in the English language in my opinion)that you want to order something, follow this route.
Be Specific imagine all the details of your order.
Be focused. Focus on exactly what it is you want, not what you don't want.
Accept that you already own it. Enjoy it! Feel it! Imagine it sitting in your driveway or being in your bank now! Not at sometime in the future.
Obey the rules and you will get exactly what ask for.
For more of the secrets of attraction and related substance visit my site.
Graham Dearing
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My main interests are everything to do with Thailand and the Power of the mind. (hypnosis,cosmic ordering and other powerful techniques to improve your life with little or no effort.


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