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What do you think of this laptop? Is it worth buying?

Dell Studio 15 Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo T6500 (2.10GHz / 800 FSB / 2 MB cache) Windows Vista (R) Home Premium 64-bit SP1 (English) Microsoft ® Works 15.6 "Full HD (1080p) WLED (1920 x 1080) with TrueLife (TM) w Camera 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 SDRAM 320GB SATA hard drive (I think it is only 5400, but can not get a good DVD 7200) slot-load 8X + /-RW with DVD capability + R Double Layer 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Integrated Creative Sound Blaster (R) X-Fi Audio Software Solution MB 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery Intel (R) WiFi Link 5100 (802.11a/g/n) Half Mini Card Dell (TM) Wireless 370 Bluetooth module comes with 1 year warranty and 15 months of McAfee Security CENTER 10 1 years warranty Battery $ 1394.70 Price is in Australian dollars by road. Sony Vaio are too exy for what they are! Thanks for the input tho. I'll put a copy of 7 Earn when it arrives. Vista sucks ass!

He did not specify the amount of RAM, but anyway! It's too much money for a laptop using a Sony VAIO spec.Try! = 10,151 and langId =- 1 & CategoryID = 8198552921644570896 & parentCategory = 16,154

Hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ: How to do better than Mo Eenie Meenie Minie

The customer is (almost) always right.

input customer fabulous. DJ love of parents to nurture creativity and realize their expectations. But there are times when parents must provide the best views DJ, in spite of how they provided the text of the party to develop.

It is a rare Motzi, CANDLES time or to a group friends only. It's just a fun base jumping record.

However, if the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is for adults as well as friends (most) are occasionally parents feel that "It is the day my son. Working for his friends. Do not worry about our family. They like to watch. "

Hey, it's your dime, and if they insisted, the disc jockey will be. But if that was his position, could highlight the possibility that perceives as a function of success is negligible. He hates to leave the party thinking "you've said." (But then, you know too!) Of course, children have a great time. But for adults, would be like going to a restaurant with bad music. They have their meals, light candles for see how the game, I kiss you goodbye and slipped out from there. Why stay if the music is incomprehensible and unknown?

I not saying that a DJ has to play Sinatra for four hours. But ... every child is familiar with "I Will Survive", "Is not No Mountain High Enough" "The Twist," Shout, "" Respect "and" Stayin 'Alive. "I recently had the demand for girls' My Boy Lollipop "," Build Me Up Buttercup "and" Do Wah Diddy Diddy!

These songs have been released long before this band was born. (Some, before their parents were born!) But they know the songs. I like the rhythm, dance, sing the lyrics and do not perceive "the old songs. "Thus, while the DJ must have a complete and updated library of music, including rap, hip-hop, rock and current trends Music does not have to turn the pieces of the exclusive new, strictly playing children. Usually, I stay until the end of the part of any way, the last hour is presented as a better time to make music mixes or trends in most, if not entirely, in progress.

What if you can not decide? Links are not allowed. It's better than Eenie Meenie Minie Mo:

If it comes down to it, thirteen questions ask (and answers to expect):

1. "It's my security deposit?

No - the filing date and time Reserve for you and you alone. His DJ probably had to turn away from other issues to protect the date. Filing range: 20-40%

2. "Would you burden for climbing stairs?

Fortunately, it's a moot point. Each piece of DJ equipment is heavy. Here's our routine: leave home, the van, the van in the hall outside the room in the van, the van, at home. DJ will make every effort to keep the weight of each If at least 50 pounds. Many choose to make a free time to be put in before and after the team. This is not a picnic. And I hate a Banqueting room on the second floor. If there is no elevator, it is not a happy camper.

Most DJs do not charge more, but you can see a contract that adds $ 3 per step, because the DJ can not use a cart with wheels and must make several trips up the stairs. Ugh!

3. "Do you have a website?"

Everyday DJs open sites. But many are not the same reasons that have not produced a video, a competent operator of a single unit is capable of filling his schedule without one. Remember, a good web designer is not the same as a good DJ. Except, of course, consider. But do not judge him for that. Do not commit because he has a big one. Do not ignore it does!

A company brochures produced generic DJs also sells a generic gaming site! Also the website "look" served on numerous DJ territorially connected with his name in. You do not have to look outside the state and you never know. There is nothing wrong this, of course. It is the creativity of the company brochure. This is not your DJ.

4. "Is it necessary to provide a picture?

Yes, and make sure it is solid, not a glass shelf or table. In general, a 6 'and 8' 5 or two "tables rectangular enough. Ask your DJ what their needs are tables (simple L-shaped or a front and rear). Send your room.

5. "Will you also provide an alternative high caliber in the case of an emergency?"

Yes Period. (Even if you do no reserve by an agency, a recognized professional in the network.)

6. "Would you work for an adventure in the outdoors?

Yes with one exception. It should be under one roof, not only to protect against the elements, but also to protect against the harmful sun equipment, which could be extended for a summer meal. To what extent the catch? Does it show rain there? Is the table is the level on the lawn? When changes in the sun, you may be exposed in the shop?

7. "Would you work for overtime on demand?

Yes, if there are no jobs to come. Awaiting a share.

8. "Do you have breaks?

N If you'd like a few minutes to respond to its guests during the Motzi or around the ceremony CANDLES, in a interpretation of the music should be non-stop DJ.

9. "Is it the property and liability coverage?"


10. "My child can provide your own CD if you want something special to play?"

It depends - I remember lyrics doubtful! Some DJs say no, others do not care, because we want you to be happy. Chances are they will have their favorite songs his music anyway. Some DJs use of new formats (like MP3) and can not read standard CDs, cassettes or vinyl on your computer. A great toy was DJ Mobile DJ introduced the industry in recent years: the holding of portable software for thousands of songs in memory! Every DJ needs a speaker and microphone. Less for him schlep! Find out in advance. (Make sure you have backup in case of drive failure.)

11. "Would you allow my child 'DJ'? "

Extroverted children play outside. Ask the DJ, if you want to teach your child how CUE POTS and a song using the headset. Let your child talk about the show favorite song is a highlight for him, sure that the cameras roll. The DJ can laugh and feel "Cheap Thrills", but what children eat. Not much. One of the songs. Your child alone, without friends. Otherwise, the DJ will be flooded and could justifiably As the object. (NOTE: Some DJs can complain, anyway.)

12. "Is it my driveway?"

Course! Their contribution is essential and should be welcomed. You should always have dialogues and feel relaxed comfortable talking with your DJ.

13. "If I in my back, then put your ass, then put on my back, then shake it all, you will laugh at me? "

Not aloud.

About the Author

Joe Pachino has been a Radio & Mobile DJ in Baltimore since 1974 and authored "DJ's Secrets Revealed! How To Select (And Get The Most Out Of) Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah DJ" c 2001, 2007 EMI. It's loaded with constructive, organized and valuable tip$ for Parents. He's performed at well over 1000 Mitzvahs, so take advantage of his experience. (And experiences!) You'll find loads of info and goodies at


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