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What would you pay someone to the scrapbook your pictures?!?

Hello everyone:) I try to earn a little extra income scrapbooking for others as the time or do not like, but want to keep their memories in creative ways. What would you pay someone for 30 scrapbook pages back and forth (up to 60 different pages) and all you have to provide is pictures. I would buy the book, pages, stickers, templates, everything else ... just looking for an estimate that seems fair enough. Thanks! or other suggestions are appreciated!

I agree that the pages are actually cost between $ 2.00 and $ 5.00 to make, but it might be better to know what all the supplies will cost, then add a value for the time it will take album. Otherwise, you will not profit:)

With albums to share memories of Creative

There seems to be a new trend that takes the world to take pictures of the storm. I Ago recently attended a fundraiser for leukemia research presented by a consultant for Creative Memories album. The consultant has to do with a person died of the disease and decided to merge his two passions together as one.

I've never been to a scrapbook party in my life and I had no idea what to expect. I immediately became addicted to the provision of Creative Memories scrapbooking projects and once I started one of my own. There were many items to choose from and my image that can be transformed into something like the pages of a storybook.

What I like Creative Memories scrapbook meetings is that they are designed to stay focused on the task at hand. You are also surrounded by others who are committed to doing good sign you have a great resource for inspiration. The agreement is simple and can start the project Creative Memories scrapbook immediately.

Each person came with a grant for good cause. We sat down, then a starter kit given by the representative Creative Memories album. I was overwhelmed with their generosity, but many elements have been suspended by the company Anyway, so I do not really see much of a sacrifice.

Even the book Creative Memories Memories starter kits have been discontinued excellent in design and quality. Soon all that was on my way to make a wonderful presentation that I shared with my family. Of course, I chose my daughter as an object of interest. This is an excellent starting point for a beginner because there are tons of ideas Pages for new born.

I found lots of cuts and stickers adorable casting among the items for sale at the meeting of the scrapbook. Many other mothers have left over stickers and details of these sites are not used. The role of Creative Memories Scrapbook is wonderful Commercial and sharing tools.

There are so many things you need when you complete these projects. Many of us have no money to invest in this type of hobby, but when you attend a workshop to create the album of memories most of the work tools are available. Other tools craft passed around generously.

It is amazing how fundraising can educate people about a serious illness when you open the door to a hobby quite new. Creative Memories href = ""> mobile fundraising comes for me.

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