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Do you think this is a comment Yearbook boring?

"Have a nice summer!" Especially when I meet someone I prefer to listen our memories or reports? And especially because it's my last year? I wish that some people are more creative lol 4 people have already written in my book.

only 5 years after graduating from high school and I sincerely be I have no idea where my book .... Thus, in the long run, will not be a big problem in a small number is hard to find something after having signed the 20 directories that day, PPL can not be forced to write what you want

Surviving the summer of Horus

So the summer holidays are almost upon us and I hope you've had your clown Charlie Chalk Shield dry and ventilated for the next 6 weeks of fun!

The break is a time of relaxation, recovery and return to work energy, but also can feel like a burden of responsibility and a costly nightmare if not clear how you want to spend the next 6 weeks with their children.

If you think in the next 6 weeks as a trial to endure then you will really feel like a test because you get what you focus, but if you take a little time and make some changes in the perspective of what you really like.

Holidays Schools are a good opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime with their children think they would say 10 years and how you like this time to remember.

Keep the simple pleasure of playing cricket - In the garden, make your own poles and spend half an hour with their children and watch all your relationships flourish.

Here are some tips to keep a positive attitude, optimistic and eager to go!

Plan ahead. It's a good idea looking in their schools, a local sport center or to see what clubs and activities offered. If you're a working mom ask your local group of friends to see if you can make an exchange of days or ask their grandparents, other relatives, students are looking for a holiday work or caregivers if they want to care for their children to work. Another idea is to ask to see if you can work from home or change the time just for the summer holidays. Be flexible and planning is the key to a stress-free summer.

Play a table or fill the log wall with fun days and quiet days so that their children know the plan of the week and stop complaining you "What are we doing today?"

Be creative. Think of fun activities that are inexpensive and easy to do home. Bake a cake, teach your 15 years of cooking spaghetti Bolognese, so will never go hungry, a picnic under a tree in your garden, biking with them, walking the dog, looking under rocks or try some of these tales

Excavation Treasury

Your children can pan for gold and money in your sandbox own backyard this summer activity.

CRAFT MATERIALS: 20 or 1 teaspoon of small rocks each of silver and gold acrylic paint waxed paper

Time Required: Less than 1 hour

1. To install the first 20 or so small rocks and 1 teaspoon of silver acrylic paint in an airtight container. Shake the container to cover the rocks, then put them on paper wax to dry.

2. Then rinse the container, add another set of rocks over 1 teaspoon of gold acrylic paint, and repeat process.

3. After the rocks are completely dry, buried in the litter and send kids with shovels and sieves to find toys treasure.

Homer games for children 9-12 years

One key and a rebound to keep this download.

You will need:

Pavement chalk or Unit Ball HOW TO PLAY:

1. Draw a 6 - to 10-feet square on a paved surface like a driveway.

2. Divide the larger square into four smaller squares, the number of squares of 1 to 4, and have each child stand in a block.

3. The player in the square 4 serves the ball to his place and play the ball into another square.

4. The player in this space must touch the ball (after a bounce) in another region boy, and so on, until someone misses the ball, let the ball bounce twice, or send it to the grid.

5. The player loses the ball and the players remaining on the rotation stages numbered seats. If you play with more players, a new player enters the game on the spot 1. Player a queue to enter the game once square 1 is opened again.

6. So now in square 4 serves the ball to resume play.

Set a personal goal. Maybe your child likes to swim a width, running in a local charity run funny, help make commercial paper or an elderly neighbor or make a collage with pictures of their vacation or work experience in the local hospital radio? Let your imagination your child take a moment and see what they propose - will keep them motivated and busy. Maybe you could do the same thing!

Delegate. Getting children involved in the work at home and teach them to be responsible for their 15 years of age, mow the lawn or in your 8 years is on the table or your child store their own toys.

Be cheerful and ease! Enjoy this special time with their children and bounce on the trampoline or the castle inflatable paint the rainbow or see "Shrek" and become more relaxed, playful and childlike in his approach to life. With it, a spring in his step and laugh and laugh more than anyone will feel good!

Get out more. Read with your child in the sun, let the kids play with leaves and mud and water, brushes, groundwater and water and dry quickly without cluttering pictures, get a sandbox, which allows watering plants sprinkler make perfume of rose petals, sunflowers grow from seed, which makes the exercise of its golf courses, putting on a ring or just friends to invent games.

Chill out. Be more flexible in their routine and get up or go to bed time, be attentive, but more flexible in the time of the TV or computer. Make eat strange treatment.

It is a time of recovery of energy for all, break the rules and have more fun to relax and enjoy!
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Sue Atkins is a Parent Coach, former Deputy Head with 22 years teaching experience and is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainerand mother of two teenage children. She has written many books on self esteem, toddlers and teenagers and has a collection of Parenting Made Easy Toolkits available from her website. She is also the author of "Raising Happy Children for Dummies" one in the black and yellow series published worldwide and available from all good bookshops. For more information go to =>


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