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What do you like in the 50s and you see a theme wedding in 50?

I have an issue wedding.I the 50 hours a creative person, but Unfortunately as much as I liked, I have not lived in the 50s, so it needs some initial ideas for decorations in my 50's wedding.I have some ideas and I am sure that my colors and my boyfriend and I will use and the GM and BM wearing.But I know that some of you favorite memories of the 50s and things you'd like see in a 50's style event Incorperated! Thanks!

I suggest you get your hands on a vintage car from the 50s to get a way car. Also, maybe a sock hop kind reception. and travel with their skirts or dress of 50 years may have! Sounds like a good idea, I like the 50. And the old are a necessity for the choice of music for your wedding!

Marriage, rooted in cultural tradition with a Latin Twist Spicy!

Costa Rica has become the # 1 choice for destination weddings for many couples creative. Whether your dream location is the beach, a mountain, or suspended from 100-foot zip line above the floor of the rainforest, a marriage Costa Rica destination will not disappoint.

This small Central American country has a greater variety of environments and scenarios desirable to offer to almost anywhere in the world. First, there is a wide variety of microclimates, like the jungle, forest clouds and cool, dry, or choose from a ceremony on the beach of the coast .... not one, but your choice of large and powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean or the white sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean.
Yes it's true .... paradise, the two oceans.

Many couples seek eco-wilderness adventure, some are looking for a casual and warm all the time, some very good exotic locations ... Offered to all Costa Rica. The theme most common with most of these couples is to preserve some elements of cultural or religious traditions in their ceremony while enjoying memories of landscapes alien, holding their sides first, creating adventurous and unique for the group that did not seem fresh from a mold in a factory as many traditional marriages.

A couple of very exciting because this dream a reality, while the creative combination of traditional East Indian secular Latin with a touch of spice.

This was no ordinary wedding East Indian.

The setting was the Los Suenos Resort and Marina on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

This couple has a special passion for the tropical atmosphere and the sea if you want a wedding beach. The question was ... How do they all ... all in an amazing place?

Really had an interesting mix of needs and planner Travel in the United States recommends that you consider Los Sueños, just 2 hours from the capital of San Jose (soon to be a 1 hour drive after the road opens a new beginning, 2010)

The family knew that there were challenges to these requirements, it would take a very special and unique equipment, Dedicated to draw on all the intricate details and skills.

They have visited the resort of Los Suenos, met with the wedding coordinator Luxury CR, said his requests and needs, and decided they had found exactly what they wanted.

A pre-wedding visit experience of the destination, the resort or hotel is recommended. Some places even have a program that allows one or two nights a courtesy visit, visit and planning meeting.

Many hotels and resorts offer special wedding package which can sometimes include items such as a free cake, floral arrangements, banquet hall and even a honeymoon suite, without charge for the bride and the groom with some numbers of condominiums or hotel rooms for friends and family.

Check with your group's sales, service reservations, maps or a wedding reception at all the places you are considering and ask what they propose can be extended and what value you get for the money spent. Always consult a professional in the preparation of a destination wedding, or by the services of a planner or an independent "In-house wedding coordinator.

Someone with a thorough knowledge of the situation and excellent relationships with local suppliers can help provide all the details and shoot without any bump in the process. Finally, almost any event planner will tell you: "There are Loved to run anyway ... but a true professional to identify problems and find a creative solution to resolve the situation quickly where all participants will be one event a great success and happiness. "The most important thing in almost all the wedding planning process is minimize stress and maximize the enjoyment of the experience, the first visit and review of the location, the return of the honeymoon.

The couple was surprised to see how a team in Latin America that has never had contact with the culture of India, has resigned mass, were happy to help you with all the details of the unusual and have never been nervous, even a passing thought, not not be able to provide all desires.

This busy girl grew up in Costa Rica and has relatives still in the country when it knows first-hand all the wonders of Costa Rica and Latin America have to offer. I knew it was the perfect place to stick their relationships and mix the two very different cultures she calls herself.

Once the plans have been made at his home in Boston and after a few days in the city it was time to head west to the Pacific coast of Los Sueños start the celebration take 3 days.

The group arrived at Los Sueños Resort, checked with the team RC Diamond luxury concierge and family met with the coordinator of its staff "in-house wedding, which immediately put at ease AHD had all the details covered. The Next Step .... AAAAhhhhhhhh!

He told police: "Once everyone arrived and checked into their luxury condominiums, everyone was so relaxed that I think ..... this set a good mood all the way immediately. "

It was Nov. 26, the day before Thanksgiving family does not want to lose that tradition is. CR Luxury Concierge ordered a full meal grace was given to the family at their condo.

This was a Another excellent example of the mixture of cultures ... An American celebration, which is an East Indian family in the streets of the jungle in Costa Rica! This just goes to show what a warm welcome can be found in all cultures in this little paradise of Latin America!

The bride also says luxury condominiums that have been "like a good decision. "They all received a beautiful home, spacious allowing each to be comfortable and meet several times and enjoy the company of other family and as a group. She also told us they were impressed with how the units are so well kept. He said that the timeshare and proximity has not been possible if they were all staying in a luxury hotel.

Arrangements were made for ceremonies ... first ladies attended in a ritual known as Mehndi and flew in a special henna artist in Toronto for the event, while men of the family meets for a drink and enjoyed the evening unforgettable.

The next event called Sangeet, began almost immediately after ... with private pool, Los Sueños Beach Club.
Just another example of the landscape of this mixture the paradise of Latin America and the rich culture of the Caribbean.
Sangeet The event began with drinks and snacks served.
While the guests drank and restaurants, there was dancing and performances music, play newlyweds, and an open microphone for speeches of his friends.

Then came the day the marriage was right dramatically since the beginning!

In a typical family of the husband and the guests not to make costumes and completely at home of the bride for the wedding. For this pair creation, there was an exciting twist!

With the groom dressed in formal attire for the wedding in eastern India a horse and the group of family and guests begin the colorful procession, called Baraat meandering through the resort Los Sueños Beach Club where Milne bride's family welcomes the groom to the ritual exchange of garlands.

The newlyweds were married in one step with ALTER Specially designed floral and built here in Costa Rica in wood with a steel bowl for a special fire for this particular ceremony.

A reception in Waterfront tent decorated with white linen and ribbon, green and gold after the ceremony. Drinks and snacks are served, and a fantastic dinner, served for the family's favorite restaurant real restaurant East Indians in San Jose.

This beautiful little friend said that all the tasks and ask regardless unique, strange or unconventional, a horse for the groom's procession to a specially constructed stage and the change was possible thanks the "can do" attitude of luxury CR Team Diamond Concierge.

The range of mountains covered with jungle, outdoor stages, large luxurious rooms seaside views and allowed this couple today, young people create a very personalized, unique series of events Is that rich mixture Indianheritage with his love for the beach and tropical touch spicy Latin!

This is an example of a single pair dream for marriage and creative.

Never let your dreams of marriage have limits ... hands ... here in Costa Rica!

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