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Should i buy a cricut or cricut expression?

I am looking to get a cricut for my bday but not looking to spend alot of money. is it worth getting the cricut? Which one should i get and why? Where can i get it for cheapest? I looked a michaels but they dont accept the coupons.

Hey! So I own the Original Cricut (boyfriend gave it to me for my bday) I hardly use it because my Scrapbooking are is small & crowded. But when I do use it, I go crazy with it. I love it. Its great. He bought it for me when Michaels was still taking in coupons for it. So he paid less than $200 for it.

For starters Walmart sells both for a cheap price
Original Cricut-$184
Cricut Expression-$349

& let me tell you, way cheaper than at Michaels. Michaels still sells Original Cricut for $300 or so. & C.E for arond $500-600.

WM also sells the Cricut Cartridges, tools etc. All cheap priced. May I also say, when using the Cricut or looking into buying one, think of your budget. Cartridges range from $44 (when on sale)-$89.99. The mats wear out easily which means you have to buy them constantly. They range from $8-15 depending store. You will need the tool kit to help you lift items from mat. $18-25. Of course you will need the tote to store it so it doesnt get ruined. Thats around $40-90 depending store. I believe WM doesnt carry the tote.

Original Cricut or CE?
Well lets see, will you use it a lot? Do you have plenty of room to use it or place it somewhere? Are you planning on carrying it with you? Can you afford it? These are Q's you must ask yourself. CE cant be carried b/c its bigger & heavier. Original Cricut is more portable, light weight. I wanted to look into buying the CE but I think its too much $ for me & it works just the same as the original. So Im happy with mine. It works great & I use it for Scrapbooking, my sister's presentations, projects etc. I cant tell you which one to get, because maybe you would rather own the CE. Might look nicer to you than the original lol. Or whatever reason you might have.
CE makes images bigger than what the original can do. Both are great for anything. The possibilities of what can be done using them are endless!!

I hope this helped into making a btr decision when picking which one to get


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