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circut dye cutting machine ?

im looking into buying the Provo Craft Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter.

and i was wondering if any of you have used it before ?

does it work good ?
good quality ?
worth the price ?

thanks !

I have the Cricut and I love it! I sold my other die-cutter when I got this one. It cuts shapes that I could never cut with scissors and it's pretty fast. I got a great deal on mine last year with tons of coupons, but I've been seeing the Cricut on an infomercial for like $50! I think this product is worth the money if you're gonna use it often.

Bundling Your Creativity In One Machine

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Yes, you can make your very own artwork with the help of art tools that are available in the market. One good product that will surely help in your creating your personalized home décor is products from Cricut. Make a personalized painting using their Home Décor Bundle. This great package is composed of a 24” Personal Electronic Cutter, a 12 x 12 cutting mat, one sheet of vinyl transfer tape, one sheet of black vinyl, one black color ink and one sheet of stencil material. Make your art statement using this package and also match it with a Provo Craft Yudu screen printer for the ultimate art project you will ever make.

You can get this awesome package at the nearest craft stores. Home Depot is the newest addition to the retailers that supply these superb art materials.

Another benefit of making your personalized art craft is that you can also give them as gifts to your friends. There is no other gift that can equal to one done with the labor of love. So start creating your home décor using Cricut expression. And right after it, start making one for your friends. Make this art work perfect by checking out Cricut information available on the web.

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