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Any advice about a cricut machine?

I just bought a cricut machine and I was wondering what accessories are good. I am wondering about the design studio, the juke box and any other must haves.

You can find a lot of good informaton at these sites -

A study design for the book Cricut "- When the manual is not enough

If you are a devil of scrapbooking, you've heard of the Cricut. Even if you begin to explore this popular pastime, you may have found some reference to another Scrapper better cutting tool. It was great day with the Cricut Design Studio, which allowed him to connect your Cricut to your computer, giving access to each image in the Cricut Library. Suddenly, thousands of forms, fonts, letters and sentences were handy.

Much has been written in praise of the Cricut. Book after book has been dedicated to helping the Fans album dedicated to making the best use of this tool, which offers advice, tips and ideas design. But when it comes to Design Studio, possibly the best products marketed by the manufacturers of the Cricut, book aid may seem relatively modest. But the fact is as useful as DS is the process of scrapbooking, the manual that comes with it is very thin in the explanations.

The relative complexity of the studio design makes this type of program is worthwhile. It allows the scrapbooker to do amazing things that would have taken hours of manual work before, so they could always be done at all. Would not know how to:

  • Remove the need to search through cartridge after cartridge looking for a fair?
  • Reuse of waste cardboard to be able to position the court exactly where you need to the carpet?
  • Manipulate images and letters in the correct form for your immediate need?
  • Welding a picture inside a framework?
  • Create shadows?
  • Using several layers of carpet and reduce to a project?

You can. All these things and more are possible with this great software. But help is missing in the accompanying manual, you must save your project waiting while browsing the internet for an answer, or spend hours in trial and error entering the software to force her to reveal her secrets. His frustration level can increase, while your time is precious notebook eaten. Yes, it's a wonderful thing for Cricut Design Studio, a book that explains how to actually use the damn thing would be even better.

Scrapbooking is fun. At least it is supposed be. You want tools that you spend your money to make your life easier, and allow you to disable the masterpieces that you saw in your head with minimal effort. You want to take care of the memories they are preserving, not associated with hours of anguish and frustration who had to spend to get on paper.

Books are always a good investment of time and money in the long term. The hours, days or weeks spent in the collection of disparate bits of information to solve a single problem, only during the limited time because she must devote to their hobby. There are books on scrapbooking though excellent in general, and now you can find help teach advanced techniques for Cricut Design Studio and other tutorials book.

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Stop pulling your hair out over Design Studio software for your Cricut. Book help has arrived! From start to startlingly good, your project will not only be slick but finished quick when you get the help you need to understand the greatest design program out there. The right book can take the crap out of scrapbooking. Visit Kerry and see!


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