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What is the personal best Cricut die cutting machine or Xyron.?

Im thinking of buying one, but do not know which is the best option.

It all depends on what you want to do - and how! Xyron Personal Cutter in 3 sizes only cut to define a maximum area about 4 "square - Perfect for a stay of letters or images, while the current has a Cricut cutting mats measuring 6 "x 12" if you really can break something that is almost 12 inches long. In June this year, the Cricut site, the new Cricut Expression target, which has a 12 "by 24" cutting mat. (My Card appropriation is just running in the cry of "hide hide me ...") The scale of everything Cricut cuts 1" to 5.5 "- There is a wheel in the front where you can select the size you need. Cricut cut automatically from the document as the most economical, for example, if you used a little and just make the cut, the machine automatically the next bit used to cut paper. There are lots of Cricut cartridges for longer, and more are expected. Each cartridge can be reduced between 2000-3000 images. Each script can be divided into at least 6 different ways, for example with the shadows, or form labels irregular, or with different edges of them. Currently there is no such policy of many books for the form or Xyron. Moreover, the Xyron personal cutter costs around £ 130 Today, while the Cricut is about 270 pounds. The books of patterns for Xyron are about 20 pounds, but Cricut cartridges are around £ 70 each. Guess what to buy in June ...

Simplify the packaging for a culture - Use a tote Cricut

The packaging and organizing even easier thanks the use of a bag Cricut supplies harvest. Sometimes it is preparing and packing a culture can be a daunting task. scrap bookers know that they are experienced organization is the first step in a good harvest.

A bag filled with everything you need for your special occasion is the first step to be organized. Planning is what makes their culture rather than a success. You have a good time and do more things.

What work during the harvest. Having a huge amount of time, is starting a new project an attractive possibility. There is also enough time to complete an ongoing project implementation and sense a job well done. Whatever ye reap the harvest, you need a plan. Plan what you want to accomplish and that the monitoring plan ensures that you keep time wondering what's next. Here are some items to pack for culture

Cricut machine. If you take your machine with you, Make sure it is secure in his bag. Cut your cuts at home before the harvest, management of these in a safe in your pocket bag is also an option.

Book. There is a need for a culture. Different sizes of 12 x 12 should be taken. Cricut Your bag must be able to accommodate paper that is 12 x 12. Of course that is in the pocket for what is not damaged en route to harvest.

Tape and scissors. Make sure you have plenty of time, and backups. This is not funny to miss the glue in culture. Also with 2 pairs of scissors in hand, made a bad implementation less painful.

Emellishments and photographs. Remember the pictures. These can be stored in an inside pocket of his bag. Stickers, ribbons, beads and other embellisments should also be packed in a bag to be ready for use in culture.

Snacks and extra money. Use the inside pockets of his bag storage Cricut to pack snacks and money additional. You can whet your appetite, while doing all your work in the harvest. Be easy to eat a snack during a break you back back. Bring extra money if an offer for participants in the culture. Sometimes it offers scrapbooking or offers available only during period.

Your bag should have deep pockets to accommodate pens tool, dust and other entertainment that you need for your special pages. Organize your bag and make the Cricut way works best for you if you can be ready when the opportunity presents itself the next harvest.

A well packed and organized Cricut Tote is an important accessory when packing for a crop. Over Tips for the demolition and bags are available Cricut

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A well packed and organized Cricut Tote is an important accessory when packing for a crop. More scrapping tips and different Cricut totes are available at


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