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Can I make vinyl clings with a Cricut Expression?

I'm wondering how to create a vinyl cling (for a car) using a Cricut Expression. We're don't know what type of material we should use or how to import the picture we want to the machine or anything. Total newbies with the gizmo. Thanks for any help!


Scrapbook With the Cricut Expression

Scrapbooking is the latest crafty phenomenon.  With the advent of digital cameras, traditional photo albums have gone by the wayside and what better way to keep important photos and the memories attached. There are so many tools for avid scrapbookers from different papers, scissors, stickers and shapes, would it not be great to have all these products in one central location and at the touch of a button? Cricut Expression is the answer.  This personal electronic cutter allows you to create some of the most beautiful and personalized shapes to add flare to even your most basic of paper crafts.

Resembling a photo printer, the Cricut helps you design and cut out beautiful and unique designs to use in your scrapbooking projects. With the ability to create shapes between 1/8th and 24 inches, it's perfect for a scrapbooker that wants more control over their designs. As for the paper, the Cricut will work with any paper including cardstock, vellum, and even chipboard.

The Cricut is lightweight and is easily transportable for any scrapbooking party. If you need to travel with it, there is also a carrying case available, specially designed for travel and comes complete with padding, wheels and a handle. All you need is electricity and a passion for scrapbooking and the Cricut will work for you.

Now here's the best part – If you don't know how to use a computer, the Cricut will work on it's own without the use of a computer. The Cricut takes cartridges that contain all the information that the machine needs in order to cut various shapes. Want more of different shapes? Just purchase another cartridge and you can have literally thousands of shapes and fonts at your disposal.

If you do know how to use a computer, connecting it to a computer will make it even more flexible than the machine on its own. You can purchase software called “Sure Cuts A Lot” that allows you to design your own patterns, shapes and fonts and have the Cricut do the rest of the work by cutting it out for you. With the software, there's no limit to what you can design. If you have the ideas, the Sure Cuts A Lot software will help you design it.

For those concerned that a machine might waste paper by not utilizing all the space available, don't worry. The Cricut has been designed not only to create wonderful shapes and fonts, but it will do it in such as way that will maximize the user of the paper, which will help keep the amount of waste to a minimum.

The Cricut Expression will cut vinyl up to 24” long. You can create wonderful wall words and sayings. Using the Cricut Expression you can create beautiful etched glass. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

All this sounds great doesn't it? Now you're wondering just how much a handy little machine like this will cost and I have good news for you. Low down payments and an easy payment plan as Seen on TV Cricut commercial which was a late night infomercial called “Scrapbooking the Easy Way”. Get your very own Cricut to impress your friends with it and your new designs at your next scrap booking party.

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